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Workplace Bitches – How Do You Win?


I’m sure most of you at one time or another has worked in an office with a gaggle of women.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am also a female, but lordy be, some women are ridiculous.  What happened to the idea of a “sisterhood”, to sticking together and helping each other reach  goals,  to have  friendshipsI started this blog as a true life drama, a real situation that is occurring as we blog, but decided just to hit upon the topic – Jealousy, more specifically jealousy of a pretty women. 

Why do these women bitches love people like them, insecure, unhappy with themselves and full of self pity?  Put a whole gaggle of them together and the situation can become real DANGEROUS!!  It usually only takes one “leader”, the one who is so self absorbed with her problems, the one who makes a big public deal of everything and everyone in her life, the one who expects every one around her to feel sorry for her, and I almost forgot, to admire her for working while dealing with her severe health problems.

On the opposite spectrum we have the one attractive women, who is secure with who she is, who doesn’t want nor need pity of any kind, and who actually has a severe health problem that she will probably die from.  The difference being nobody knows this…..would letting this fact out change the way the gaggle views this women?  Would she then be welcomed into their gaggle…..would the jealousy stop if this gaggle realized that she was indeed no different then them on the inside?  It just happens to be that her outsides are pretty in today’s standards.  Why do other women put her on this unattainable pedestal?  Why do other women automatically think that she thinks she is better than everyone else? 

Jealousy, has caused pretty women to lose their jobs in the past, and I’m afraid a close friend of mine will become the next statistic in the very close future.  Rant over………………….

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