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Adam Lambert Wins

I haven’t even watched the show yet.  I was planning on going home  and turning on American Idol.  But my best plans got way laid once again.   adamsingerUnfortunately I had the radio on in the car and the station announced the winner of American Idol!!  So I decided to write this very quickly and hit the sofa with the remote control so that I can fast forward through all the the 500 commercials.  In my opinion Adam Lambert wins…maybe not American Idol, but he will now be able to launch his professional career in any direction he wants.  I don’t know what kind of contract Adam had to sign to be on American Idol.   I know they have to tour with  AI over the summer, but after that I’m not sure.   I think that’s great for Adam.  AI was a great platform to launch off of and I’m sure his career will be stellar.

I’m not really shocked at the outcome.  I figured that the Gokey fans turned into Kris Allen fans.  Kris is a very talented young man, and I don’t think he even thought he had a chance of winning especially at the beginning of the season.  This competition was like comparing apples to oranges, two very distinct styles, two completely different individuals.  In my opinion the general public still embraces the “safe” choice.

I’m sure most of you can put together how Kris Allen took the most votes, it should be no big surprise to anyone.  Just think about it…..






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