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Bomb Smuggled into Federal Buildings

murrah2This really gets me angry!.  Plainclothes investigators were sent into federal buildings with bomb parts and not only got through security, they were able to go to the restroom, assemble the bombs, put them in briefcases and walk into individual offices!  It gets even better, one of the buildings housed offices of Homeland Security, which is responsible for keeping all federal office building.

These investigators used actual bomb parts, not simulated explosives! They also took photos of one guard sleeping.  And it gets better, this guard was fired, then sued the agancy for failing to provide X-Ray training, and he won because it could not be proven that he had indeed been trained. 

CNN is reporting on the entire story.  Take a look at for all of the details.  

  If this is any sign on how safe we are…..we are in deep doggie doo.

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