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Shock Tactics to Help Stop Teen Pregnancy

AZV38BGCAUSWFD5CA6DC8GWCARY3OB0CA69D4RECAD0BERHCAIYHT3ECAYANJ21CALPLZLPCAJ3U0YWCAX246NFCAJQ32PECAB2ORF3CA8W4UZ0CA8PC38QCA8ACPR8CAPXGD0QCA1LRL1DCA4MTK57The Health Care Service in Lester England is trying something new.  Shock tactics to try and teach teenagers about teen pregnancy.  The Health Care Service says that they have tried to reach teenagers through traditional means,  pamphlets and literature but it has little effect.   They were reported as saying that the kids just didn’t take sex and contraceptives seriously. 

They claim that the teen pregnancy rate in Lester is very high.  Their studies show that one in 20 teenage girls become pregnant.  So they decided to speak to the teens in  a language that they can understand. Shock video!  The video was on You Tube but has since been pulled. 

Being  recorded on a cell phone, a group of kids are standing in a circle in the middle of a school yard as if their is  a fight.  When the person recording the event gets to the group of kids he pushes his way in and you see a young blond girl laying on the ground supposedly giving birth!  The young actress is screaming and thrashing about.  You can not tell if the video is real until the end.  The screen goes black and a message appears saying, ” Not what you expected?  Being a teenage parent may not be either.” 

Some people feel that all this will accomplish is to make teenage girls afraid of the birthing process.  But isn’t that the point?  I would much rather have a young girl be afraid of childbirth at that age and save her from an unwanted pregnancy or  a possably fatal STD.  So be afraid, be very very afraid! 

As for just how effective this new approach will be, they say that they will just have to wait and see.

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