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Adam Lambert’s High School Graduation

I am not  an American Idol fan but I may soon become one.  I like for our materials to be original so I try not to get ideas from other blogs but this time I have to. 

I have seen the Adam Lambert performances on AI.  They are really good,  he is very talented, yada yada yada.  I don’t know if they use it on AI but all professional singers that I know of use something that I think is called ( tone right ).  It is  a filter that uses a computer to make them sound like they are in tune even when they are not.  HOWEVER, here is the kicker!  I found this Adam Lambert video, on another blog, and he is singing at his High School Graduation, without any computer enhancements.  And yes, he screams  a little near the end, but I think this gives a better example of just how talented this young man is.

Some people were comparing him and the guy who won on AI and some said that the didn’t think that his music would last where the other guys would.  Like  I said, I am no American Idol fan.  I don’t even remember they guy who wons name.   But I  have to disagree with their assessment.  Adam Lambert has the potential to become ageless.  He could one day become as famous as Elvis or Michael Jackson.  I just hope he doesn’t become addicted to plastic surgery drugs. 

People are also sayng that since he didn’t actually win AI, he will not be under thier contract and will be able to truly show the full scope of his abilities.


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