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The Potty mouthed Material Girl did it again!  MADONNA has upset dignitaries in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She used foul language to promote an upcoming show in their fair city.
The “Pop Queen”  proclaimed to the Russians, “It’s f**king great” at the beginning of an online audio teaser for her Sticky and Sweet concert in Palace Square on August 2, 2009.
Reports suggest members of the legislative assembly in St. Petersburg have addressed Governor Valentina Matvienko, with a proposal to sue Madonna for her comments.
It’s not the first time Madonna’s Palace Square show has come under fire .  City officials fear the concert could offend the moral and religious sensibilities of the citizens of St. Petersburg.
Mikhail Piotrovsky, the head of the city’s Heritage Museum, has urged the pop star not to swear during the show.

GASP, I guess rappers don’t tour in places like Russia…  Can you just imagine?  The legislative assembly would be laying on the floor frothing from the mouth if they ever heard Eminem or 50 cent… lol



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