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OMG!  I sure didn’t see this one coming!  Omer Bhatti, who sat with the Jackson’s at Michael’s funeral has been CONFIRMED by Joe Jackson as Michael’s biological child! 

Omer who does resemble, the late Michael Jackson, also looks a LOT like Michael’s other son Blanket who is suspicioned of being produced through the use of a sperm donor and  a surrogate mother.

I just watched Omer Bhatti on You Tube and there is definitely something to this story.  I know the Jackson’s moves, very well…  Omers moves like Janet more than he does Michael…  But he definitely moves like a Jackson!

Jackson reportedly fathered the child in 1984 when he had a one-night-stand with a Norwegian fan. 

Joe Jackson says Omer looks and dances like a Jackson…  Watch the video interview below.

This video shows Michael and Omer together on several occasions.  Who would have known. 

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Michael Jackson had plans to – SING WITH HIS SON

While his tour was sure to be an event to remember, Michael Jackson had planned a special treat for his kids during his comeback shows: a chance to perform.

A source reveals that Michael was planning on inviting his eldest son, Prince, up on stage in London to perform a duet with him. Michael’s former publicist, Stuart Backerman, explains:

“He was planning on doing a short duet with his son, Prince. He knew his kids would enjoy it…He wanted his kids to see him perform at least once to get the vibe of the Michael Jackson mania.”

That would have been such a treat to see, considering we’ve seen so little of his kids in public. If Prince and his siblings can sing, then Michael will definitely live on in them.

But if they do decide to form the Jackson 3, keep them away from Joe Jackson, please!



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