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Amy Winehouse / Kate Moss – COCAINE & SEX IN THE BATHROOM

Skamy Amy Winehouse, being the pillar of the community as she is, was just aquited of charges that she brutally attacked a drunken fan who was trying to get a picture taken with the singer, claiming fear and self defense as her reasons for the attack. 

She was also recently granted a divorce from her drug induced marriage to husband Blake Fielder-Civil.  Poor Skamy Amy Winehouse has been through so much, trying to distance herself from the negative influences in her life.  NO, WAIT, I forgot we were talking about Amy Winehouse….

Well NOW, her incarcerated ex-hubby is coming out of the closet.  Not because he dropped the soap in the prison shower but about some of he and Amy’s sexually drug induced exploits.

Amy’s EX claims that she stole supermodel Kate Mosses blow / cocaine.  Blake claims that while at a private party at NYC’s Gramercy Park Hotel, Amy went into Kate’s purse and stole two grams of coke. 

Kate, I’m a Supermodel, Moss was so plastered, she never noticed that it was missing. 

According to the Daily Mail, they were mingling with models and other Hollywooders when Kate told Amy to get  a $10 bill out of her handbag to snort a line with.  I guess that just how they roll in Hollywood, most people would have just gone for  a dollar. Anyway, that’s when Skamy noticed the 2 grams of coke in Kate’s purse.  So, thats when she scored the blow and she and Blake headed to the bathroom to do the lines and have sex.

I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t the first time that Amy has had sex or drugs in a public bathroom.

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Have you ever wondered WHY people can’t seem to get enough celebrity gossip?  It’s sorta like driving  by a car wreck.  It’s a horrible site but you just can’t turn away.   Unless its Amy Winehouse which is a  whole other subject in itself!

Beyoncé, who instead of feeding a small country for a year, has reportedly spent $36,000 for  a specially commissioned designed set of four nail rings.  The rings designed by Jules Kim,a Bijules designer, are said to be snake-themed and encrusted with diamonds with rubies for the snakes eyes.

The intertainer shows off her, crusty snakes, in ther “Sweet Dreams” video.

It’s good to see the recession isn’t effecting everyone…

Photo Credit: Startraks

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Adam Lambert – Appealing to 50 Yr Old Hetro Women?


adamFor whatever reason I decided to watch American Idol this year, and what a surprise it has been.  A surprise with the name of Adam Lambert.  I find this talented young man something else!!  Who cares about his sexual orientation or his age….this guy is hot!!!  I haven’t had a musician touch me like this since I was a teenager.  (Touch me in my heart, no where else!)  Of course he is young enough to be my son, matter of fact my kids are older than Adam.  I feel like such a pervert!!

Music should be able to touch your insides, should make you smile inside and out, to make you forget about your trials and tribulations, and Adam does!  In all seriousness, it is so refreshing to see someone like Adam hit the stage.  His interpretations of the classics have been suburb.  He’s been able to take the classics of yesteryear and remake them into a completely different song to fit his amazing voice.  I can only hope that he can write music as he sings.  You either love him or hate him…….And I love him!!!!!!!!

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