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Adam Lambert – How Proud Are You?

94032_adam-lambert-appears-on-nbcs-today-show-at-rockefeller-center-on-may-28-2009-in-new-york-cityAdam Lambert may not have won American Idol this year, but he continues to be in the spotlight,  not for his music, but for the origins of his sexuality.  Why is this so important to the public?  I really don’t understand why his sexuality is so relevant.   If nothing else, put together pictures of him kissing other men, along with dressing in drag…and the comment he made about “women” not being a necessity.  (Don’t quote me exactly on that, but it was along those lines.)   

Adam has been very open about many things in his life, but now seems to be playing with the media regarding his sexuality.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been an avid Lambert fan from the get go, but I’m not sure I really like one of his latest comments.  In an interview with People magazine, the reporter asked Adam if he was gay or not.  Adam’s response was “keep speculating.” 

First of all I wonder how many artists are asked that question by People magazine?   Can you see  Mel Gibson being asked that question, or how about Cameron Diaz?  Who knows they both may be bisexual for all we know…But is Adam playing a media game now?  Another well covered line that he said is  “It’s a really, really cool thing … to be able to show people that you can be yourself, and you should be proud of yourself, and you should own who you are and what you’re about,  and never make apologies for it.” 

Well Adam then own it already!  If you are so proud of who you are either come clean or tell everybody to go to hell that it’s nobody’s business!


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