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Women, if your going to have an illicit love  affair here is one tip you shouldn’t forget…  Don’t leave your husband tied up for too long…

A Columbia woman convicted of killing her husband in a sex game gone wrong was ordered Monday to serve 18 months at the county jail… Bargy was accused of tying up her husband and leaving him alone at their Jacobs Lane mobile home for 20 hours. During that time, Bargy was with another man she had met through the Internet while her hubby suffocated.”

Yes, this story is a little old..  But I thought it was worth mentioning…

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David Carradine Death – Auto Erotic Ashpyxiation the Cause?

David-CarradineI was waiting until a news source verified this theory before I mentioned what I thought could have caused David Carradine’s death.  It is very possible that David Carradine, best known for the TV series Kung Fu, died from an auto-erotic game gone horrible wrong.  Carradine was found with one rope tied around his neck and another rope tied around his genitals.  The two ropes were then tied together.    At first police had suspected suicide, but from the beginning Carradine’s friends and associates have overwhelming disputed suicide as a manner of death. 

Thai Police completed an autopsy on Friday, but are saying the results will not be released for another three weeks. 

Auto-erotic asphyxiation is attributed to over 50 deaths annually in the US.  Usually the victims are young males, alone and experimenting with sexual games that that have either heard or read about.  Older men usually have a partner involved, so death is more unlikely since there is someone else available to help if things go horribly wrong. 

Auto erotic asphyxiation was first noticed when men that appeared executed were hanging often had an erection and sometimes ejaculated before death.  Scientists don’t understand exactly why this occurs, but the simplest explanation is that the lightheadedness caused by the lack of oxygen reduces inhibitions making the sexual experience greater.  What many people don’t realize though is that as little as seven pounds of pressure on the carotid artery can produce unconsciousness in seconds.  With that add a little bondage to the scene, and rescuing someone quickly can become very difficult. 

Carradine was reported to be in a great mood the night of his death, so the idea of suicide was puzzling to the acquaintances and friends that surrounded him.  In addition, I just don’t think that any person, let alone a celebrity would want to be found dead in this compromising position.  Rest in Peace, Mr. Carradine.

Update:  It is reported that Carridine’s family has been told that the actor’s hands were tied behind his back….All of this speculation could amount to murder.

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