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Jon & Kate Divorce Season Premiere-Live Blogging!

John-Kate-8-john-and-kate-8-1304383-500-330This will be interesting…Margie will be writing one post and I will be writing another..we will see how different or alike they are!  One big difference is that we live in different time zones.  So Margie will be putting up a nice well written post, and I decided to just blog as I watch. 

Well Jon and Kate are  back and if I must say so myself in rare form.  This is the first show I’ve watched completely through in eons.  OMG, Kate wants to play down the idea that they are not celebrities.  She is telling the paparazzi to go film another mother.  I love how she can yell out to the kids and tell them they have to stay close because of the paparazzi, but then turn around and tell the kids that they are not to say the word.  We call them the “P” word because paparazzi sounds so yucky…OMG, Kate is putting everything on Jon, HE made the bad decisions…OMG did you hear when he said…I can’t write, I can’t talk write and some people say I can’t even breathe right!!! 

Oh poor Kate, she’s doing the birthday by herself, did you hear that, she planned the birthday party by herself, no really Kate had 30 birthday party favors to put together by herself.  After all the little kids still need a party.  Kate is soooo exhausted, did you hear that, she is soooo sooo exhausted…Gee, the parparrazzi were brought up again…I think I’m going to replay this episode and see how many times says the “P” word.  Now Kate is complaining about the bad weather and the bugs in PA!  Guess what?  I lived in NE Ohio for 35 years…that’s what it is like around there!! How long has Kate lived there?  When I heard she was planning a party at a water park in mid May, I didn’t know what she was thinking anyway.

Everything Kate has said so far has been “I’ this or “I” that or “I allowed”, but when Jon would speak he still would say “we” this or “we” that…hmm….interesting.  Kate just kissed a little child….wow..Uh oh, John has just become a “him”….John has on sunglasses so I guess you can’t see the daggars…Kate is pretty much ignoring him.  She’s complaining about the cold again……GOD, what does she expect?  It’s mid May in PA…she’s lucky it’s not snowing…Oops, there’s the “P” word again!  Kate just put on her sunglasses, I think she figured out that the cameras can see the Kate Hate shooting from her eyes. 

Oh, one of the little kids was just hugging John and told him that “she doesn’t want him to leave anymore.”  Kate just gave each one of the kids a “kiss” for their birthday.  Time for the family picture, “Jon take off the sunglasses,” Sit over there.”  MAGICIAN, MAGICIAN WHERE’ S THE MAGICIAN.  I finally get it, this isn’t an act, I mean Kate’s personality, she’s just controlling and very bossy!!  Here we go again MY kids….not OURS, but my kids. Let’s complain about having 2 cakes now, jeez, can’t we just have one for now!  The drill sargent Kate is in rare form.  We are telling everybody  who to sing, when to blow, when to eat.  Now we can have Cake…Isn’t that what was said before someone’s head was chopped off.    Let’s complain again, the party is long, Is this party long?  We are running over shedule! 

John is telling the little girls to hit the pinatas like they are their brothers…haha..Like we don’t see enough of that.  That was one of the things I noticed in the beginning of the show.  The boys are beating the crap out of each other, and the girls too, but boys will be boys…I must say the tups are very comfortable around the cameras and they are too cute (most of the time)  Another kiss from Kate for the kids..I haven’t watched many of these shows, but the one’s I did watch there was no affection being shown.  That was one of the things that turned me off the most.  It was always about Kate.  This is the first show I have ever watched that Kate appears to be interested in her children.  I sure hope it wasn’t just for the camera

Tickle, tickle, tickle camera that’s one of the little kids tickling the camera…I wonder if they think “cameras” are normal for everyone? “What’s the status?” they are asked.. Kate responds “I wish I knew”, whereas Jon replies “I don’t know.”  There Kate goes again..on the couch “I” “I” and John is “We” “We’..Jon and Kate are now on the couch together but don’t look to happy with it.  Jon appears to be completely defeated, and Kate does EVERYTHING  for her kids, and she won’t let any of this hurt her kids.  Jon now has to tell the world that he is there for his kids…Jon and Kate are then asked “What’s the future hold?”  Kate says that she can only speak for herself.  She once again reassured the word that she’s here to stay,  the only thing that will take her away is work.  And Jon responds “And I’m here for my kids.”

Kate is alone now and crying and talking about the birthday party and where they were five years ago…This could be their last family picture, so she knew it was important to do.  Statitics are being told how parents of multiples have a very high divorce rate and at one time she thought that they would be able to beat that, but now she doesn’t think so. She doesn’t understand what happened, but I get the impression that she thinks it is all of John’s fault.  After all, Kate has been doing what she was supposed to be doing, while Jon is the one that screwed up.  She has tried for 6 months to find out or remidy the problem…it’s so complicated, but they have been physically able to pull it off. 

Jon has pretty much said that their marriage is over, but it is nobody’s business but their own.  They will always come together for the sake of the children.  They will make a plan and jointly come together for the sake of the kids. 

OK, guys, this is for thoses who said they weren’t going to watch the show tonight, but really still want to know what’s going on!  That’s why we call it gossip, that’s why we love to hate sometimes.  I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s the way we are.  Tune in tomorrow and I’m sure  I’ll have some different views, but for right now ‘THIS IS THEIR LIFE”.

I’m already thinking back when the boys were calling each other poopy, butts and weiners!!! Oh yeah, boys will be boys!

 Don’t be to hard on my grammer please!!

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