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Remembering Michael Jackson

4351-the-essential-michael-jacksonHow come with every celebrity’s death the world goes haywire?  Me included.  Is it the shock that death escapes no one?  I always feel a sense of “shock” and “disbelief” whenever a famous person dies.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t shed heartfelt tears, mourn and grieve over people I don’t know.  I just feel a sense of sadness.  I still remember where I was when Princess Diana died. I was glued to the TV coverage (internet coverage was still expensive).  I would  run out to tell my husband of any new detail that emerged.   I also remember being on my way to work when the announcement of John Lennon’s murder hit  the radio waves.  Give Peace A Chance was playing for days after that.  The death of Elvis…OMG, the King was Dead…the drug abuse…the scandal.  The King of Rock and Roll being found dead on his bathroom floor!

Now will come all of the rumours and stories….Again, don’t get me wrong…that’s what we do here…gossip.  Sorting through all of the facts and fiction, trying to figure out what the truth is.  We all add our opinions and thoughts, to make sense of a young death. 

What I find most upsetting about Michael Jackson’s death is the out pouring of support that has hit the Internet.  Where was the support many years ago when Michael was being investigated for child molestation charges.  Granted he was never found guilty of any charges, but rumours of huge financial settlements have been made.  All of a sudden Michael is dead, and the world is immortalizing him like the second coming of Jesus.  How come after we die, people “forget” the bad things about us, forget how they judged us, and dogged us, and hated us?  Even Martin Bashir, the reporter who spent 8 months with Michael and ambushed him on video is remembering a wonderful human being today. 

Granted Michael was definitely out there, weird in fact.  Between his fascination with children to his many cosmetic procedures, he was definitely a weird bird.  I always enjoyed his music and watching him dance was something else.  I remember being in junior high school when the Jackson 5 recorded ABC, singing along with the radio every time it was played.   I remember the hype before Thriller came out on MTV.  It was an anticipated event.  Moon-walking…..who hasn’t attempted to do it?  Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller who hasn’t danced to these tunes at one time or another? 

The world has lost a fantastic musical talent, probably one of the greatest of all times.  Anybody that lived through the 80’s can testify to that.  Only time will tell what Michael Jackson will be remembered for.

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