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Twilight, Robert Pattenson – HOT or NOT ?


Here is a picture of Robert Pattinson on the set of the Twilight Saga in Italy. This picture was taken during what was being called some “sexy” scenes.

I just don’t get it! I loved the movie! I totally understand that! But what is it about this guy that is driving every teenage girl into orgasmic overload? And My god, is he really that pale? I admit it, after seeing the movie I was one of the first people out to buy the DVD when it was released. After watching it again, I realized that this was a one time see movie. I don’t know what it was that made it seem so great in the theatres. I wonder is they are doing the whole subliminal advertising thing again. You know, the messages that are secretly hidden in the movies that tell you to ‘BUY COKE’, ‘BUY POPCORN’, ‘HAVE ORGASM OVER REALLY PAIL GUY WITH MESSED UP HAIR THAT HE CAN’T COMB BECAUSE HE IS A VAMPIRE AND CAN’T LOOK INTO THE MIRROR’! That kind of stuff…

During the filming of “New Moon”, the second installment of the Twilight series, cast members even complained about his body odor. Apparently Robert has a little bit of a hygene problem. That would so totally turn me off! But to each their own.

I will be there to see the next movie, but I may have to pass on the DVD this time.

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May 27, 2009 Posted by | Celebrity Gossip | , , , | 5 Comments