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Disney’s Princess and the Frog – Racial Discrimination

Can’t we all just get along!  Now, Disney is coming under fire for the new movie, “The Princess and the Frog”.  There is  still a lot of speculation about the movie that is becoming racially charged,  but it is sure to be a money maker for Disney if the amount of attention that it is already getting is any indicator.


The Princess and the Frog

The movie introduces Tiana.  Disney’s first African American Princess.  Now Disney is being accused of being racist!  Some people claim that the Princess is jut a little to ghetto.  The movie takes place in New Orleans and to me, she seems to be a little Cajun. I took this as an attempt by Disney to perhaps stimulate people to visit the still recovering city and help their struggling local economy. 

But the haters don’t see it that way.  Disney is also being blasted because the Prince appears to be either white or of Latino descent.  From what I understand, the person who does the voice is Brazilian.  So, the movie is also being blasted because the prince isn’t black.

The fire fly who narrates the movie is also said to be racist because he has the voice of an old black man. 

The movies creators have already changed the Princesses name because it sounded too black and had to change her original role in the movie because some people found it offensive for the Princess to have ever have been a chamber maid. 

OMG people!   Disney was trying to do a good thing here and all they have gotten so far is grief!  Watch the video above.  It has expert information through it that explains it all

Sorry, the video link has been disabled and Ican not get it back. I guess it is to controversial.  You can still go to You Tube and watch it though.  The picture should look the same as the one on the front of the screen.


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