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Congressman King – IS A PETER ! Continues to bash Michael Jackson.

We all know that it is not nice to speak ill of the dead!  I guess Congressman Peter King’s mother forgot to teach him that lesson.

After being ridiculed by the general public and the media yesterday for making a statement in which he referred to Michael Jackson as a pedophile and a child molester, Congressman Peter King still hasn’t learned his lesson.

Today, the Congressman, continued by saying, “Yes, he did violate young boys. He did put them in terribly inappropriate positions. And that’s a terrible signal to be sending out to society,” the NY Congressman told CBS 2 today, among other gems.

King swears he won’t speak out against Jackson tomorrow — out of respect for his memorial.

With a name like “Peter” you think he would be a little nicer…

Watch the video of the Congressmans statement here!

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