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Sarah Palin talks about – DAVID LETTERMAN’S PENIS

Sarah Palin retaliates against David Letterman’s off color remark about her daughter by talking about his penis….

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This is a joke.. I found the picture and just had to share it…  I hope I don’t get in trouble…

You have to admit, it is pretty funny !



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Penis Size?

I found this article on penis size.  I found it VERY stimulating, interesting.  I’m going to get some VigRX Plus and give it to my husband!   I wonder if you can overdose from it?  I found this article poorly written but I think you will get the point!AYVPQJ2CA7GVQBFCA429QKRCANO2RIRCAHE8KPJCAOGO8SNCA5PUIMMCAKZS4NLCATYCC8WCA0HGKQGCA6X97T9CAYSOSKSCAATZQL0CA5P4XM5CARQRFX3CADIPQBVCA1487WXCA7LKPIFCAOZML3U

Some admit it some not but we all think about the penis size! Pushed by the media, mainly in TV shows and TV series or genuine just interest, the penis size is a concern and a standard today’s women consider. We actually see a trend in women leaving their man because of a small penis!

Now, as a man you would be willing to do something, anything to be in great shape but wouldn’t you want to know exactly if the penis size does really matter to women? From a woman’s point of view the penis size issue has two sides: either women saying the bigger the better or the size doesn’t matter! Which ones are right?

Women that like large penises want to feel dominant. The others only see man over concerned with an issue that is not real since the most sensitive sexual area for a woman is around the vagina’s opening so in fact a longer penis wouldn’t make a difference. Now letting alone there two hypothesis, fact is a longer penis is more able to have an erection than a “shorty”! No erection during the sexual act means only dissatisfaction and complications in a relationship. Also, a longer penis usually means larger girth and therefore more friction and pleasure during sex for both the man and the woman!.

The men also looks as the penis size issue with interest: a longer and bigger penis, a penis size above average means more confidence, superiority over men with smaller penises, a sign of masculinity. All men want a bigger penis! Even the well endowed ones wish for a bigger one!!!  Based on these facts, there are an increased number of people willing to give the effort to enlarge their penis if they have the right product. 

A few companies focused on providing penis enlargement solutions. Something effective, something to restore male’s confidence, something to replace insecurity and lack of confidence with relief and enjoyment. Some men choose the extreme way of surgery with all its risks,  just to be a better man. Some are not so convinced surgery is a safe procedure (not to mention the budget one would need for phalloplasty!) and use alternative penis enlargement methods. Some use penis pumps, not so effective and without the benefit of a permanent penis growth. Others use penis pills. Most women recommend herbal pills, because of the safe and natural ingredients. Products like VigRX Plus™ contain natural ingredients from all over the world helping the blood flow, relieving stress, stimulating the nervous system and helping with erectile dysfunctions. A bigger penis is better, but getting there the safe way is even more important. Products like VigRX Plus™ have been scientifically proven to produce results in as little as two weeks!! These supplements can be taken without the doctor’s prescription any time a man has erectile problems or premature ejaculation. Even doctors use these products for themselves!  To please your woman is important but maybe more important is what works for you, that can produce the results you will both be happy with. To take care of you body is ultimately your priority and that you should always consider.

I don’t know about you, but sign me up!

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