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Paula Abdul Thinks She’s Worth What?

A few months ago, Paula Abdul reportedly told Ladies Home Journal that she had a past addiction to pain pills.  After the story broke she recanted.   Let’s look at a few facts.  On American Idol, her speech is slurred quite a bit, her eyes are glassy, and her reviews ramble on and on.   To boot, they usually don’t make a whole lot of sense either.  Still, she insists that she is not addicted to drugs! 

Well, the proof is finally visible!  Paula is demanding a new salary of $12 million per year to continue her stint on American Idol.  It is reported that she caved in and came down from her first number of $20 million per year. 

Maybe Paula is just plain crazy.  If drugs aren’t fueling her grandiose attitude about her worth, I have no other logical explanation!

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