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Don’t you just LOVE being an AMERICAN !


There is not a whole lot of things that really get me fired up but here is one!  People wearing their pants down below their asses!  I walked into a convenient store the other day and the sales clerk’s pants were down below his ass!  Of course he didn’t notice me because he was too busy talking on his cell phone.  I immediately left the store and memorized the phone number on the front of the store to report any problems.  I immediately called and reported the incident and  have never returned to this place to do business. 

I actually did some research on this subject a few years ago after having trouble keeping my employees to keep up their drawers.  I discovered that the whole trend originated in prisons.  Males who were willing to have anal sex with other inmates would wear their pants below the asses to “advertise the goods”.  That or for easy access, take your pick.  So why would people want to emulate these people? 

I’m all for freedom but I’m also about protecting the rights of others.  I feel that freedom for some people to wear their pants down below their ass cracks is infringing on my right not to have to look at it!  I live in Texas and in many cities you can now be fined for this obscenity!  However Florida, it appears, must be more forward thinking!

A Florida judge has struck down a Rivera Beach ordinance that prohibited anyone from wearing pants below the waist to expose skin or underwear.

Under the rule, which city lawmakers enacted by overwhelming majority, low riders were cited $150 for the first offense, $300 for the second.

Less than 20 people were caught with their pants down. But when a 17-year-old took the matter to court, he became a hero to skateboarders and others who flaunt their right to dress like imbeciles.

In this photo, boys from Rivera Beach show the world they’re proud to Americans. And if Lee Greenwood could work this right into one of his patriotic songs, I’m going to start buying his albums.

I personally will never visit Florida if this is their way of doing things!


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