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Michael Jackson’s – LONG LOST WIFE

Every time there is big news their is always atleast one wack job that makes their way to the surface.  In this case there is a woman who is claiming to be Michael Jackson’s wife!  This is not a new development.  I actually heard about this woman several months ago.  I guess no one has payed her much mind until now, not that anyone is taking her claims serioiusly.  We have all seen Michaels other wives…  Somehow I just don’t think this woman fits his taste…

Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun Jackson, who lives in London, asks “that all my husband’s properties, monies and assets must be transferred to me immediately” and “my husband’s body must be returned to the coroner’s body or the mortuary immediately.”

Of course, there is no evidence this woman ever had any relationship Michael Jackson. She’s had an active court case since December of last year, claiming she was married to the King of Pop.

Nona also claims all of Michael’s children are hers and that she didn’t authorize them to live with Katherine Jackson. She now claims, “Though he died to this earth he lives with my father [Satan the Devil] Khalid Lucifer.”

This woman obviously in need some professional help….


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