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Naudia Sulaiman, Aka Octopussy, brought home 2 more of her brood.  The police blocked off streets just so the crazy lady could make it home with 2 more of her kids. 

the babies are very pretty and seem to be doing well…  Then HELL BROKE LOOSE!  There were kids, some of which were not hers,  running everywhere.  And I swear her lips are getting bigger!

Then the ( Octograndma ) stuck her head in the back sliding door.  Looked like Naudia tried to shut her head in the door trying to keep her out.  Ole Octograndma don’t take none of Naudia’s shit!  I’m not real sure what she was upset about but the old lady was giving Naudia HELL!  Way to go Octogranny!

They then went to the park.  After she asked the paparazzi to just take a few pictures and then leave them alone she began talking about her mothers Negative Energy….

I swear, the Octolune really gets to me talking about others negative energies.  I fully expect her to start chanting at any minute!  I wonder if she is a Scientologist? 

She continued by talking about how she can not focus because there is so much that needs to be done.  Well, Octomom, get used to it because it hasn’t even started yet!



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Village People BEWARE!


VILLAGE PEOPLE BEWARE!  If you are a man RUN !  The Octomam has admitted that she has a thing for “A MAN IN UNIFOM”!

While recently talking to a reporter for Radar On-line a “Man in Blue” drove by in a squad car and the wonder womb got visibly distracted! 

When she was asked by the reporter if she had a “thing” for cops she orgismed became flustered and actually blushed!  Porn Blushing is something I would never think I would see her do!  She continues and admitts that she has a little bitty thing NOT HER VAGINA for ” MEN IN UNIFORM “!  

She did, however, continue to refuse to give any information on the donor…. 

Click ” HERE ” to watch the video.


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War of the Wombs!

octopregkatepregOne of my first pieces that I wrote compared the differences between Octomom and Katzilla.  The biggest difference between the two women seemed to be a husband.  Not anymore!  So the question remains – Why is the public enthralled with Kate Gosselin and detests Nadya Suleman? 

I personally don’t see any real differences between the two women, both plotted to become a mom of multiples, both couldn’t afford the children that they  brought to life, and both went seeking for a reality show to support their children.  Face it, they both love the attention and spotlight of being a celebrity. 

Kate Gosselin spoke up about Octomom to the New York Post and also to Dr. Phil back in February of this year.    When asked if she thought Octomom would have a problem being a single mom Kate replied “Absolutely, the workload that Jon and I share is often even too much for us! It is unimaginable the amount of work she will have to bear as a single mother raising eight preemies as well as six other children.  And in comparison, I had 3-year-old twins and six preemies . . . And a helpful husband. And we struggled in every way – physically, emotionally and financially.”

At the time I was kind of amazed that there was no response from Nadya back to Kate.  Maybe now that Nadya is on equal footing with her rival (they both will star in reality shows) she felt compelled to comment. has the exclusive interview with Nadya where Nadya says that Kate should keep her opinions to herself, and that her show will be nothing like Jon & Kate Plus 8.  After all, Nadya feels that the Gosselin’s are exploiting their children, and heaven forbid, she would never do that.   “I just want it to be very not Jon & Kate Plus 8,” Suleman tells “Where I feel they made a mistake being very–allowing it to be very exploitative and invasive in the kids lives.”

Suleman also disses the family for conditioning their kids to living with cameras in the house-something she swears she won’t do to her brood.  “I want my show to be more documentary style, monitoring their growth and development,” Suleman says.  “I want it to be more intellectual and educational, not so superficial.”  And then the claws come out…”She needs to stop being so judgmental and stop pulling at straws for attention,” Suleman told “My children are extremely healthy, strong and happy. Don’t you have, like, a lot of issues in your life? A lot of marital problems?” she asked Gosselin in the video.  “Why are you so desperate to glob on to my life? For attention?”

I can see a new reality series now…The War of the Wombs!   Starring single mothers Kate Gosselin and Nadya Suleman


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My eyes are burning and the world is going to hell! 

It has been confirmed.  Nadya Suleman ” The Octomom ” and her family of 14 have officially been given their own license to exploit children reality series.   The Octomom’s attorney Jeff Czech confirmed this to Us Weekly.  Here’s what he had to say about the reality TV series.

“[Nadya and the producers] are hoping to have an arrangement whereby several events in the children’s lives would be filmed in a documentary series. One of the events in the children’s lives might be their first birthday.” 

“There might be several shows aired during a year. There are all kinds of possibilities. It really depends on what the TV network wants. 

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Octopussy vs Katezilla


I’ve been reading what the general public has been saying about these two women, and I am still unsure that these two Baby Makers are really that different. Both have stated that they “just wanted one more baby”, but each put themselves into the position where multiples were the likely outcome. So why, just why, does the public view Kate Gosslein as a devoted mother and Nadya Suleman as a wacko nut job?

Is it because Kate has a husband? Or maybe because she previously only had two children while Nadya had six? I don’t know….but let’s take a closer look. As far as I can see:

Both already had children but yearned for “just one more”,
Both were in a dire financial mess when they conceived their children
Both have received government assistance in one shape or the other
Both believe that life begins at conception (whether it’s in a petri dish or in a uterus)
Both refused to abort any of the multiple fetuses, stating it was against their beliefs (Nadya wouldn’t destroy any fertilized eggs)
Both spend time on their appearances, going to spas, shopping for makeup, ……..etc….etc………
Both of these women appear to thrive in the spotlight that fame provides

Here’s just a few of the differences that I can see:
Kate claims to have a strong Christian belief, where Nadya has remained quiet on her religious beliefs
Kate doesn’t have the backing of her family and friends, where Nadya’s family might not approve of her choices, but stands behind their daughter
Nadya appears to spend more time with her children than Kate who is jet setting across the country

So what’s the problem? Why is the general public so against Octopussy while Katezilla has the blessings of many?


UPDATE:  5/24/09 I am finally seeing compairisons between these two hit the web.  It seemed that as long as Kate had her husband by her side, the public was willing to overlook all of the other generalities between her and Octomom!! I just googled Octomom and guess what?  there are no new stories floating around, expect for one that is trying to make headlines about her dropping her kids off at school late!

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Octomom gets a Tatoo!

This morning as I was pouring over all of today’s gossip I stumbled over the Octomom getting a tattoo! Its not her first one either. This makes number 8! This one is of an Angel wrapped in a flowing banner and will contain the names of all of her children. When will the insanity end? I don’t have any tattoos but from what I understand getting one can be a little painful. Not to mention having the names of 14 kids injected into your skin!

I see this as another slap in the face for the taxpayers who are having to bear the burden of paying her bills due to her irresponsible behavior. Tattoos are fairly expensive, or so I am told. So why isn’t she using the money that she is paying for the tatoo to help pay her hospital bill? Since giving birth she has taken a lavish vacation and bought a new home. I once took up for her. I thought that she saw her unfertalized eggs as her children since life is supposed to begin at conception. Not any more! I do believe that she had this whole feasco planned from the beginning.

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