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When it come to watching TV I’m pretty hooked to my shows, NCIS, Jon  & Kate plus 8, Table for 12, etc…   I tivo EVERYTHING so I also don’t get a lot of exposure to new and upcoming shows.  I had to be forced to watch American Idol, now I’m hooked.  Well, tonight as I was looking for bare chested video of John Cena interesting stuff for the blog I came  across the video of  Nathan Trasoras and his audition for “So You Think You Can Dance”.  And yes he can!

Unfortunately, Nathan is only 17-years-old and therefore ineligible to compete this season. But that’s okay! Nigel gave him a ticket straight to Vegas for season six this fall! Nigel said, “If you do not come back next year, I will search you out and drag you here. We really want to see you here next year.”

I will defiantly have to add this show to my list to watch!

May 30, 2009 Posted by | Celebrity Gossip, Sexy | , | 2 Comments