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The Octomom’s plot becomes apparent, as rumors of her new “Reality TV Show” were confirmed last month.   Now that the details are being ironed out, The Octopussy, I’m sure is a little disappointed in her salary…  The Groovy Gosselins are reported to make $70,000. per episode.  Octowomb and her brood, on the other hand, will only be making $250. a day each, for a whopping $250,000. for 3 years…   Of course that is for only 71 days of shooting.

TLC, who will make pertnear anything into a Reality TV Show,  apparently didn’t think that the Octomom and the childlin would make good TV, seeing that The Octofamily’s show is being produced by a British production company… 

Here is what E! News had to say about the situation…

Who says it’s hard to find a job in California?

No word on what sort of fringe benefits are included, but Nadya Suleman‘s 14 children are each going to be earning $250 a day—for a total of about $250,000 altogether for three years—for starring in the reality show their mom has agreed to do for a British production company.

That’s $125,000 collectively for 36 days of shooting the first year; $75,000 for 21 days in the second year; and $50,000 for 14 days the third year. The octuplets and their six brothers and sisters will be paid the same rate for any extra days spent on camera.

According to the contract filing, 15 percent of the kids’ earnings will be placed in a trust account, as required by California law, that none of them will be able to get at until he or she is 18 or legally emancipated.

Considering all those burgeoning stars are only between the ages of 7 months and 7 years old, a judge will have to sign off on the contract filed today by Eyeworks UK in Los Angeles Superior Court before production can begin.

We’ll assume that the producers either have already, or are in the process of, acquiring all the proper permits for such an endeavor.

The as-yet untitled series, due to start shooting Sept. 1, has been shopped as less of a day-to-day intrusion look at the family’s life and more of a documentary-style show focusing on milestones in the children’s lives.

The thought of this show makes my skin crawl….  I’m sure I’ll watch it though, unless there is  a good documentary on watching grass grow or maybe watching paint dry.

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TABLE for 12

post_1492147_1237580132_medJon & Kate plus 8, LOOK OUT!  Table for12, TLC’s new up and coming hit TV show is giving the Gosselins a run for their money!  I haven’t missed an episode since it began!  The show deplicts a family that consist of parents,  Eric and Betty Hayes, and their 2 sets of twins and sextuplets. 

Eric, the Dad is a police officer and Mom, Betty is a stay at home mom.  They are just a good down to earth family.  Unlike Jon & Kate plus 8, you see them just the way they are.  Piles of dirty cloths in the hall, chaos at bath time etc…!  I know how hard it is to keep up with washing cloths for 4 people.  I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have to wash for 12! table for 12 family

They have a nice home. Nothing too fancy.  They inherited it from Eric’s grandmother and built on to accommodate their family.  A lot of the work Eric did himself.  Once of the sextuplets, Rebecca (4), has cerebral palsy.  She is as sweet as can be and you often see her parents moved to tears over her condition. 

This family is so full of love it will warm your heart.  Through all of the piles of cloths, screaming kids and what ever they come up against, they never loose their sense of humor.  I’m telling you, this show is great! 

On last nights episode they took the kids to Niagara Falls in Canada.  They have not been on a vacation since the sextuplets were born and I’m sure this one was courtesy of  TLC.  You could tell that Mom and Dad weren’t just real thrilled with the idea of having to pack and tote 10 kids cross country.  But they did and they all had a good time.  This is what makes the difference to me.  They would have rather have stayed at home, but they did it for the kids.   Other shows, I won’t name, make the kids go for the sake of the show. 

If you haven’t watched Table for 12, you don’t know what your missing!


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