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It was reported that this morning, Saturday, June 27, 2009,  Janet Jackson and two moving trucks arrived to the Los Angeles home of Michael Jackson.

The Associated Press reports Jackson arrived at Michael Jackson’s Holmby Hills residence wearing dark glasses and went directly into the deceased Jackson’s home, where outside two moving trucks were parked that had arrived shortly before.

About eight movers were seen entering the property with dollies and packing equipment, says the AP.

It us not immediately clear who sent the movers or what items they could be taking out of the residence.

This behavior really has this ladies curiosity peaked.  From past experience, I would expect my relatives to start circling like buzzards when a relatives passes but I am shocked at Janet’s behavior. 

Is she strictly looking toward personal gain?  Is she trying to same the family a months rent on the $100,000 a month mansion?   Or is she removing evidence that may taint the deceased “King of Pop’s” already tarnished reputation?


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