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Kate Gosselin’s Hair – The Chunk Striped Porcupine Reverse Mullet Weave

Want to see which Star looks the best with Kate Gosselins hair style, you came to the right place. 

 The mom of 8’s hair style has been the source of much reticule and amazement.  It has un-officially been named The Chunk Striped Porcupine Reverse Mullet Weave.


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Miley, Oh Miley, A Hole in Your Nose?

mileycyrusnoseTeen sensation Miley Cyrus, 16,  has shattered her clean-cut image by having her nose pierced.

Miley, Oh Miley, what have you done?  I know that this is a popular place to pierce and have seen girls and women of all ages with the dreaded stud. But I hope it ends here.   I just don’t understand how anyone would want an earring in their nose.  More disgusting to me, is that the back of it is in your nostril, on the inside, with the boogers and all….Eww……

Yeah, I know we have to pick our battles with our teenagers, heck, my parents had a fit over ‘hip-huggers” and the frayed bottoms of  bell bottom jeans.  My oldest son still has hair down to his shoulders and my youngest sported a mohawk for many years as a teenager and has a tattoo of a dragon on his upper arm.  But a stud in your nostril…Eww……

Billy Ray Cyrus told talk show host Larry King, “I thought kind of it was one of those bizarre moments. But honestly, my life and what we’re going through and the things that we’ve been through, it’s like being in The Twilight Zone. So I just kind of roll with the punches.”

That’s being a good Dad  Billy Ray, Pick your battles, a hole in her nose can always grow in.

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