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Michael Jackson’s – MEMORIAL SERVICE ( Recap )

The Michael Jackson Memorial Service ended just moments ago.  The truth that Michael is gone didn’t begin to hit until his casket was wheeled from the families private service to the hearse for the trip to Staples Arena for his memorial.

It was absolutely amazing the speed and professionalism with which the memorial service assembled.

I was very disappointed at the fact that Dianna Ross was absent.  She did, however, send a letter of apology that was read at the beginning of the service.

The service was a celebration of his life.  All of the performances were heart felt and spectacular. 

Berry Gordy spoke.  He described Michael’s professional and personal life.  He personally called Michael Jackson the biggest, most talented performer that there has ever been.  If anyone would know, it would be him.

I was shocked that Al Sharpton was even allowed to speak.  He, of course, attempted to point out the racial points of Michael’s life and death as he does with everything.  After delivering such a powerful speech I found it humorous that when, at the end of the service, they were all singing “We Are The World” and everyone was swaying with their hand in the air, the camera panned to him and he was the ONLY one not participating.  As soon as he turned his head and saw that he was on TV, a look of surprise came over his face and he threw his hand into the air!  What a hypocrite!

At the end of the service the family was on stage.  Some of them took turns at expressing their feeling about his passing.  We thought that Janet was going to speak but instead she dropped the mike down so that Michael’s daughter could reach it.  His daughter, Paris, said, Ever since I was born he has been the best Dad and I love him so much.   She then broke into sobbing tears and turned to Janet. It was so so incredibly sad.

If you didn’t get to watch the service I hope you recorded it.  If not, get your hands on a recording…  You will not be disappointed.

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Check out this screen from e-bay!  Over $10,000 for a freaking ticket to Michaels Jackson’s memorial service.  That is just unreal…  e-bay is removing the tickets from their site as quickly as possable. Maybe someone is trying to stimulate the economy!


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