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Lindsay Lohan called a locksmith for help late last night then showed her gratitude by stiffing him!  Which I’m sure isn’t the first man to be stiffed by Lindsay but anyway… 

Lindsay and Sam Ronson were forced to call USafe Locksmith to Sam’s house when they realized they lost the  freaking house keys. 

As the locksmith did his thing, Lindsay found an open window, which I’m sure also isn’t her first time,  and told the locksmith he could stop. The locksmith asked for his $39 fee, but Lindsay refused, offering a hand job $20 instead.

The locksmith tells us Sam then told him to move his car away from the property. He obliged, but when he came back, Lindsay and Sam had locked themselves in the house and didn’t pay him a penny.  Maybe they lost the keys again inside the house and couldn’t find another unlocked window to get back out?  Who knows, Lindsay isn’t known to be the sharpest crayon in the box…


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