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Kate Gosselin – BEATING HER KIDS !


Kate Gosselin, Star of the hit TV Reality Series ” Jon & Kate Plus 8 has turned from (  TIME OUTS ) to ( TEARING THEM UP )!  This sounds like a future ” HIT MOVIE” …  Oh yea, they’ve already done that one, ( MOMMY DEAREST ).  Does anyone have a spare wire hanger?


The following article appeard in In Touch Magazine.  As usual they don’t tell the whole story, so I’ll help.

Reality show star Kate Gosselin, already under her body guard investigation by Pennsylvania’s Labor Department for possibly breaking child labor laws, is defending herself over new magazine photos that show her presumably whooping the ass of spanking one of the sextuplets and talking to the fuzz a police officer.

 According to the latest issue of Out of Touch In Touch Weekly, which published the photo, the bitch embattled mother of TLC?s Dried up Cash Cow Jon & Kate Plus 8, got caughtlost her temper with Leah, one of the sextuplets, after the five year old wouldn’t stop blowing a that damn whistle while Gosselin was on the phone with OnLine Booty Collapse

The magazine quoted a witness saying Gosselin grabbed Leah and hit her, after telling Leah twice to stop that shit I’m on the phone with your new Daddy. “The girl was screaming and crying,” the witness said. “Kate just kicked pushed her away and staggered walked off with her bottle coffee. Her older sisters were trying to make Leah feel devoid of all hope better.”


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