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Jon & Kate – Season 5 – Episode 3. Kate and Maddy take a vacation

For this episode of Jon & Kate plus 8, I have my Tivo set and I’m going to knit pick it to death!

This episode is long over due in my opinion.  Kate and Maddy go on an excursion by themselves.  Of course they go to San Diego…  Where most people would have gone to Wal-Mart, but anyway, it’s not my place to judge…  I know when my kids say, “hey, lets go to the dollar store?” I say hell no!  Do you think I’m made of money? LOL..  That is a joke!

Does anyone remember the  sextuplets birthday party where they had  the carnival at their house?  The camera crew enticed Maddy to come to the side of the house and she asked the question, “Why do the little kids have to have a carnival?  Why can’t they just have a Hello Kitty birthday like we did?”  That broke my heart and no one really paid much attention to her statement.  I think that was the beginning of her problems…  Maddy needs some time alone with her Mom and Dad just because she does.  I feel your pain Maddy!

Once again, Kate is in her orange mood.  It’s bad enough that her skin is orange but she always wears orange too.  I guess orange is her favorite color.  Am I the only person who has noticed this?

I also noticed that Maddy sat between Jon & Kate during the interview.  Heaven forbid that they touch! 

Then Alexis bit through her lip!  OMG, and she is happy about going to the doctor!  I’m sorry but my kids, which one of them did the same thing, hate to go to the doctor for any reason!   Is this a sign of how desperate the kids are for individual attention?  That is the first thing that comes to my mind….

Then  Jon, who is assembling the families swing set says, ” I’m not good at the preparation thing but who is with the kids?”  I’m already thinking as he is pounding the anchoring stakes  into the ground if that was making him think about pounding ole Deanna Hummel.  Now he blames his lack of preparation on the kids!  Sham WOW!  If he was thinking more about the kids and less about being, Jon the good ole  party boy, he would have been prepared!  Not to mention, have you all noticed the beer gut he is getting?

Then,  Aiden broke the lid to the toilet and Jon glued it back together!  Theylive in a $1.2 million dollar house.  Couldn’t they afford a new freaking lid?  They probably need to save some money after that doctor’s visit and the $20.00 co-pay. 

Oh, and get this!  Kate, for a woman who just had a tummy tuck a few years ago and has a personal trainer, she sure does look pregnant sitting in the lounge chair on the beach!  I wonder….


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