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Duschtard, Jon Gosseling has now been reported to be trying to land his own reality TV show.  In preparation for his attempt at a solo career is why, supposedly the chubby dad of 8, has been chillaxn with Michael Lohan and his entourage of younger skanks women…

 Jon holds fast to his claims that his main concern is his children, but he is focusing on his private and his professional life. 

Translation from the Jon Gosselin Dictionary: Jon knows he has to say his main concern is the children or he will look like an even bigger asshole than he already does…  But his main focus is trying to establish himself as a “Stud for Hire” but so far has only been able to land skanky drug addicts….  He has also realized he ain’t gonna get as much money from his divorce as he once thought, so he better get busyrubbing noses, or any other part that he can, with some influential people and drop the drug addicted skanks that he has been porking up to this point! 

He is looking into some major international endorsement deals and it looks like he is going to have his own show.” He still has 30 Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes left on the 40-episode order TLC placed, and the network has no comment on Jon’s new reality-show scheming.

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Jon Gosselin’s new “friend” – SHE CAN WORK A BONG TOO


Will Hailey Glassman trip ever end?  It doesn’t look like its going to stop anytime soon or even slow down…  Although, the longer the trip lasts the better Hailey Glasspipeman likes it!

It’s no secret that Goodtime Hailey,  Jon’s new “friend”  likes her share of the chronic. But in a new video airing on tonight’s Inside Edition, she shows that she knows her way around a bong, too.  She has so many facits!

In another clip, she’s smoking the peace pipe, like a Native American,  pantless on the couch and later passed out. umm Classy!

Of course, it seems like she and Jon are ahead of the game and tried to do damage control with their family-friendly playground outing yesterday…  The two froliced around in the Harlem Harriman State Park in New York.  She picked a lovely flower and put it behind his ear and she swang while Jon pushed her….  Glasspipeman told Jon she wanted be as high as she could, so Jon pushed her as hard as his little Asian arms could push!  But I question if swinging was what she had in mind.

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It was reported Saturday night, Jon Gosselin was photographed with his penis hanging out at Accademia di Vino with some new blonde that was neither Kate Gosselin,  Hailey Glasspipeman nor Lindsay Lohan.

She was later identified as Kate Major, a reporter from Star, and there was talk of her “flirting shamelessly with Jon.”celebrity_birthday_party_LC1_0004_Layer_16_full

No! It couldn’t be, right? How could he leave his piece of ass secret fiancée and all-around elegant 22-year-old lady? This new Kate character didn’t even have a thongscandalous Facebook ready for the Internet to mine for porn party photos or a story of getting kicked out of fat camp for sneaking Panda Express. In other words, she just wasn’t good enough in bed for our Jon.

And just like that, Jon and Hailey soothed our rash fears and reunited after a week apart for a lovely trot stroll through Harlem Harriman State Park in the ghetto New York. They always know just what to do to keep us talking, sort of like another certain couple who shall not be named.  Adam and Kris?

According to voyers onlookers, the two were not shy about their flachulents love.

They held hands, hugged and sucked kissed; Hailey picked her nose a flower and placed it behind Jon’s ear and they played with each others genitals on the swings.

How romantic, how beautiful. Just imagine if there had been no paparazzi to capture the love radiating from these two. The world would be a safer darker place, for sure.

As for the timeline of when the pair started screwingdating, a source on J.Goss damage control Bull Shits swears to People that the devoted husband was masturbating “heartbroken, totally heartbroken” when Kate told him she was done with his small Asian cock  him, which actually “came in out of her mouth the blue.”

The two had been separated for a year prior to Kate screwing her body guard filing for divorce, according to the source, during which time Jon was not allowed to sleep in the couple’s bedroom. That was when he started partying, but the dating stuff didn’t begin until after the divorce papers were filed.

Nice try at demonizing Kate, source, but we all know they’re both the worst.

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Jon & Kate – 6/29/09 EPISODE

Jon & kate Plus 8 - Air Date 6/29/09

Jon & kate Plus 8 - Air Date 6/29/09

I’m sorry I didn’t get this post up last-night but I just wasn’t feeling the love after watching Jon & Kate last-night.  The newest episode wasn’t a new episode at all.  It was a bunch of experts from previous episodes.  Then at the end of the episode they showed clips of “New” Upcoming episodes.  I wonder if they still get paid their $70,000 for this episode although it was a mix of older ones.

It began with Jon & Kate telling about how she and Jon met. Kate tells how in 1997 she went to a picnic with a friend who worked in the same hotel as Jon.  I found this particularly interesting.  It seems Jon has always had a thing for hotels She continued by telling how she saw a guy smoking walking across the grass, that she wasn’t looking for anyone, but he caught her attention and she decided she was not going to leave until she trapped met him. 

He was 22 when they got married and she was 24.  They went to Disney World for their Honeymoon. There is a joke in there somewhere…

Jon & Kate tell  how they felt their was underlying problems as to why Kate wasn’t getting pregnant.  She went to the Doctor and found out she was right, as usual.  She then went to a fertility specialist.  She found out she was pregnant on Tuesday, February 29th at 4am for the first time.

Kate describes Maddy as having a very sweet and kind heart.  She then says she has her  “OH DEAR” side.  Kate says Maddy tries to be manipulative, controling and has to be in charge all of the time. That reminds me of someone,,,  who is it?  

When the twins turned 1 Kate felt the need to have another baby.  Jon saw how badly Kate wanted to have 6 more kids to exploit another baby and agreed to let her go back to the fertility Doctor when the twins turned 3 years old. 

Kate had the sextuplets, she is in the hospital and she is sitting in a wheelchair mumbling, “I want to see my babies, I want to see my babies”…  Kate looks so completely different from how she looks now.  Aahh, the miracles of plastic surgery.

Then they go through and describes each sextuplets personality..  It would take me all day to write about each one, so I will just tell you about Joel..  His, I thought was the funniest. 

Kate says Joel is into fashion and style like Jon is.  He notices every woman’s different lipstick colors, their hair, and shoes.  Just like Jon. He is the best traveler and is a little quiet.  Just like Jon.  Jon then says that Joel has a little wienie quality to him.  Just like Jon.  Kate says Joel is the unending fountain of wine.  Just like Jon.  Kate says someday Joel will find a woman who will fall in love with his looks, get married and then find out how clueless he is.  Just like Jon.  Joel is just like Jon….

Then they described some of each child’s personal day.

Jon cooks Asian food.

They have Movie Night in the basement.

They went camping in the back yard.

They went to see Thomas the Train.

Went to Hawaii.

Went to Utah to ski.

Went to Memphis.

They showed the kids being potty trained.  Kate took pictures of each kid and their first poop in the kiddie potties which Kate admits a lot of people found offensive.  When I was training my kids we just clapped our hands and said “good job”.

The kids learned to ride a bike.

The kids went to the dentist.

They went to Carolina.

The kids started Kindergarten.

They move to first new house.

They move to new mansion.

They get the dogs.

Jon can’t be Jon.  Without getting caught.  He has to be Jon & Kate plus 8.

Jon and Kate announce their separation

Then they showed clips of upcoming new episodes.  Jon & Kate do things with the kids separately.

So, you see why I didn’t go into great detail about the whole show…  Maybe the next episode will be more interesting.


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Jon & Kate plus 8 – NEW HOUSE

Over the past several days, many of you have shown a growing interest in seeing the Jon & Kate’s new home.  I have added several pictures as well as the virtual tour of the home that was origionally on Remax. 

Soon, it will be just Kate’s and the kids home…  So the next time she looks out of the kitchen window and says ” It’s all mine as far as I can see ” she is really going to mean it!

If there is any topic or subject matter that you would like to discuss or see on our site, just leave a comment anywhere..  We will get the message!  Love ya, Margie….

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Jon & Kate Plus the Mistress

jon-gosselin-deanna-hummelTo use an Internet phrase:  When Did Jon & Kate jump the shark?  A lot of people would say once the outside advertising took over the show.  For me, the episode where Jon had to do some work on his computer, then turned to the camera and showed TV land  the Allstate Insurance Home Page (I think it was Allstate), was the most defining moment.  In the past we saw ad placements all throughout the series, but none as blatant obvious as this one. 

The show has been surrounded in controversy since day one.  Child Exploitation has been the biggest issue, then of course going public with the divorce announcement.  But I think the worst is yet to come. 

It’s being reported in the New York Daily News that Deanna Hummel, the 23-year old school teacher is expected to appear on Jon & Kate Plus 8 when filming resumes.  OMG, filming with your alleged mistress…..Deanna’s presence isn’t supposed to be a major, but it will be included since she is one of Jon’s friends and she’s part of Jon’s life. 

If this is true, Jon & Kate has moved from the reality family show to the daytime soap opera category.  Jump the shark hell, the show has jumped the whale. 

I didn’t have a problem with the filming of last Monday’s episode.  Jon & Kate have become a world wide name and a business enterprise all in itself.  As Kate has always said, “Their show is their life, and the life is their show.”  So if the show is going to continue, the divorce issue has to be addressed.  But to make the decision to film alleged infidelities has taken things to an entirely different level. 

Maybe it’s time to redo the name of the show and it’s mission statement.  It used to be that Jon & Kate wanted “memories” for their children, and an opportunity to provide for them.  I can’t argue with that, it was their choice to do so.  Without the show, I think the state of Pennsylvania would have been supporting the Gosselin eight  for years to come.  Kate would have had to return to nursing full time since Jon doesn’t seem to have any career skills what so ever.  If the tensions we picked up on every week were so blantent, could you imagine how it would have been with the family being broke? 

Instead of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the show about a family raising twins and septuplets, the show has to be renamed. 

Jon & Kate Plus 8, Behind the Scences of a Family Torn Apart


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Jon & Kate Gosselin Release Statements

And Living Apart

And Living Apart

According to Kate Gosselin’s divorce papers her marriage to Jon is “irretrievably broken.”  She further states that she and Jon have been living apart for 2 years.  I personally find this hard to believe since neither of them has been able to take a poop without the media reporting on it.  There is no way possible that these two have been living apart for two years.   Maybe they haven’t had martial relations in two years, but living apart, no way!

Two different statements have been released to the media today.  The one from Kate’s camp has asserted that “Jon’s activities” over this past weekend had left her “no choice” but to file legal proceedings in order to protect herself and her children.”  While Jon’s camp reported that he was “hurt” by Kate’s statement about the divorce.  In Jon’s own words, “I have always done everything I can to protect our family. This weekend, I was home with the kids for four days, just being a dad. No nannies, just the kids and me.”

Oh what a tangled web we weave…. Unless the two had words behind closed doors, I wonder if the comment Jon made to the press about not seeing Deanna Hummel as much “due to what went down” had anything to do with it.  Nothing quite like rubbing someones face in infidelity. 

I do believe that Kate was in love with her life more than in love with Jon.  I’ve said before that I only started following these two because of all of the heated comments and debates that were posted about them.  I couldn’t figure out why people of all sexes and ages responded so strongly to the shenanigans of these two reality stars.  I know… “we watch to see the kids.”  Maybe, for awhile.  But I think that people love to get intertwined in others lives, whether it’s to leave their own for awhile or because,  just simply,  it’s interesting and sometimes fun.

I think we can all agree that divorce is not fun for anyone, and I would imagine that Kate is being very sincere when she expresses the fact of “becoming a statistic” and “failing” at marriage is devastating.  I do believe Kate thought that they would work things out.  In her mind, Kate has always been Kate, she doesn’t see herself “changed” by doing the show.  I believe in her mind, this is what she has always wanted and desired…the fame…the fortune…the attention.  One of her past comments revealed a lot about her.  She commented not too long ago that she was just like any other Mom.  She was telling the paparazzi to go film one of those moms…they were just like her.  She fails to see the difference in “wanting to become famous” and ” becoming famous.” The poor little ministers daughter from central Pennsylvania who dreamed of becoming rich and famous got her wish, but at one unexpected cost…her marriage. 

I’m also pretty sure that she figured Jon would always stay along for the ride.  I don’t really agree with Margie’s post about Jon being a dog, but she does raise some valid points.  Jon is the big kid, he wants what he wants when he wants it.  He loves the stress of not working, but doesn’t like the idea of not being defined by a career.  He wants to play with the big boys, but in his chase for being “cool” has morphed back into a teenage boy.  There has always been talk on whether Jon or Kate read the blogs about themselves.  I do believe that Jon finally did, and didn’t like what he read.  How would you like being called “The Man with No Balls?”  Along with raging against the paparazzi, he raged at Kate as well.  As long as Jon stayed under the radar and Kate could continue her life all was good.  I firmly believe that if the P people hadn’t caught on,  Jon and Kate would still be together, filming and making money off of all of us slobs who just can’t turn away. 

I don’t know what Jon’s plan is now.  With the hint he dropped on last night’s show about getting a job or finding a job or “Hey someone, Offer Me a Job,” it sounds like he wants to become a New York City playboy.  Hey Jon, there is a big difference between central Pennsylvania and NYC.  It’s like jumping from the guppies to the sharks.  You might have been a big fish were you are now, but in NYC you will be eaten alive. 

And Kate, don’t worry, as long as there are people who love to gossip and you give then something to gossip about, the show will go on.  Your fame and fortune will be secure as long as you stay as you are.  People love to hate you…Just be sure to treat the children well (and the dogs please), stick to your guns about who you are and the public will follow.  After all last night’s show had over 10.6 million viewers, the highest rated TLC show so far.

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Jon Gosselin – IS A DOG !

The three Gosslin Dogs !

The three Gosslin Dogs !

The big seething pustule known as Jon & Kate plus 8, EXPLODED, tonight on TV screens across the globe!  Although the news was not unexpected, after hearing it or rather reading at the end of the episode, that the couple has filed for divorce I am left unable to sleep and with a craving for Ben and Jerry’s….

Kate ,who apparently was very upset, expressed her feelings of loneliness and fear of having to raise the kids on her own, while Jon, devoid of all emotion as usual, unless he got cought doing something he shouldn’t have, spoke about doing what “he”  thinks is best for he and his children…  This caring was so apparent as he wanted to stick the children’s new play houses deep within the 100 acre wood behind their sprawling mansion.  Dumb Ass…  You have famous and wealthy children with the “P” people and on-lookers at the front gate.  So Jon’s GREAT idea!   Lets put them in the woods where they can not be properly supervised and be snake bitten or worse abducted by some crazy fan! 

Jon, who was dressed like a 12 year old gangsta wana be sported a Spider-man T-shirt and a pair of Kate’s diamond earrings during tonight’s episode.  I keep thinking back to the 1-hour episode where the family went “Green” and Jon welcomed the crew to his “Crib”…  Apparently he would rather be a thug than a father or a husband.

Let’s look at some facts…  Jon was supposed to be an I.T. Analyst.  He has no formal training in this area nor prior experience.  His last job was working in a cabinet shop from which he claimed to have quit but was later revieled that he was fired for drumming up “free stuff” for the family instead of doing the job for which he was being paid.  So how did he become an I.T. Analyst?  It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he was a telemarketer, you do work with  a computer after all…  Sorta like calling the people who pick up the trash every week in front of your house ( solid waste engineers ).

He didn’t really get upset until he got caught having the affair with that whore Deanna Hummel woman.  Although I’m sure she wasn’t the first.  His reaction wasn’t that of someone who got caught seeking to connect with another person and was traped in a loveless relationship, rather someone whos game had been thwarted.  Jon knew then that he wouldn’t be able to be the horn dog that he was used to being….  So, if he can’t be a stud muffin, he has decided to just leave…

He lied about the affair.  He lied about his previous job.  He lied about being fired…  LIE LIE LIE..  This shows without a doubt that this man, and I use the term loosely, has no character at all!

Kate, I now feel, has become the kind of person that she is out of necessity and from raising 9 kids instead of 8.  Jon always talks about wanting to play with the kids and people think awww, what a good man wanting to spend quality time with his children…  He doesn’t want to play because he is a good man,  he wants to play because he’s  like a freaking kid himself! 

This family has been given extraordinary opportunities.  Kate, who already had the dexterity and fortitude to become a nurse, took the opportunity to become an author and has attempted to build a secure future for her family.  Sounds to me that she realized that the gravy train would last forever and she wanted to be prepared.  While Jon, who may have tagged along ( for a while ) to speaking engagements has done NOTHING!  If it didn’t have to do with riding 4-wheeler, skiing, driving his new tractor or driving his new sports car he wasn’t interested..  And don’t ANY of you DARE say that poor Jon had to stay at home to watch the kids while Kate was off doing appearances and book signing…  He found the time to go out and screw around while Kate was gone!  He could have found time to do something, ANYTHING, to better himself!  He could have prepared as she has for the long haul for once the show is over. 

If it weren’t for Kate, the family would be on welfare and probably living in a two bedroom apartment in the slums.

Jon is the one exploiting the kids and is probably why he is the one who spoke up when the accusations were made.  The whole “guilty dog barks first” thing.  He is the one wanting to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous…  Cars, buying expensive gifts for his hoe’s, having affairs, etc….

He has supposedly been looking for an apartment in New York, at Trump Towers no less.  The one city where rent is its highest.  He doesn’t have a job except for sucking the money from his kids, so how is he going to pay for extravagant rent?  I’m sure he is planning on sucking every penny from the family he can before he goes on his merry way!

Kate will be much better off with out this leach!  She can pay someone to do what he does for a lot less…….


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Jon & Kate – DIVORCING

After watching the most recent two episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8 tonight, I was left huddled and trembling in the corner of my bedroom, feeling alone and violated.  I could faintly hear sirens in the distance as rain fell against the window and the smell of dehydrated milk from TLC’s Cash Cow permeated the air.  Alias, Jon & Kate are no more….

I have speculated all along, as many others have, that there was more going on behind the scenes of TLC’s hit Reality Show “Jon & Kate plus 8″ than any of us knew.  Even if not on a conscious level, everyone was aware of this and is why so many have been so curious about the real story.

Tonight, Kate gave a peak at her softer side.  And as she stated in her interview, a lot of what people have seen in the past has been her ” survival instincts ” being recorded, brought on by the fact that she can not allow herself to fail for the sake of the children.  Jon,  nonchalant as always, until caught with his hand in the cookie jar or some other oraphis, talked about doing what was best for himself and his kids. 

The couple did announce at the end of the show that they were separating…. However, at the very end, an ominous black screen with white lettering appeared amid the darkness of my room that said the couple, Today, Monday, June 22, 2009, had filed for divorce….

My heart truly hurts for this family….


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I found this super cool video of Jon Gosselin getting his male.  He is accompanied by his BIG BLACK BODY GUARD!

It might have happened Father’s Day while he was signing pictures for the car load of teenagers who stopped to tell him Happy Father’s Day as was reported earlier. 

He does admits that he is a smoker, although he doesn’t way WHAT he smokes. Someone asked him if he has seen Deanna Hummel, he says not as much….  They asked if he is still cruising the bars and he said, “Nooo not any more” AND LAUGHS….  Its was funny!

You just need to watch it..

 Click HERE !   It is a must see…


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Jon Gosselin

Continuing with “all things Gosselin” Jon spent the Fathers Day with the kids but no Kate in site! 

Jon spent the day with his kids at their home where they enjoyed the day of playing on their Slip n’ Slide and playing Lacrosse. 

When asked where Kate was, Jon responded by saying “I have no idea where she was”. 

A group of fresh meet teenage girls pulled up to the front gate and yelled “Happy Father’s Day” to the chillaxin Dad…  He waved his penis at them and yelled back,  “Thank You”.  He then gave them all signed publicity photos of each of the girls. 

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A Gawker reader reports, “I was at my friends apt at trump towers on 66th and riverside blvd….. we were in her apt… then left to go to dinner… in the hallway was the Realtor of the building and she was with Jon from Jon and Kate plus 8. It was CLEARLY him. He had bloodshot eyes. We all rode the elevator together. He was looking at an apt on the 8th floor.” 

I understand that Jon is really spaced out and just wants to smoke joints and screw college girls, but would he leave the area where his eight kids live to move to New York City? 

Is this the only place where he could find an apartment large enough to house all the cameras necessary to film his weekend visits and if so, Is Kate or TLC going to foot the bill for his rent?

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The spectacle who is Jon Gosselin was spotted by the “P” people as he carried sextuplet, Aaden, to the medical clinic after receiving a cut on his forehead. 

This happened just days after pictures of Mommy Dearest, Kate Gosselin, were released as she lost her temper and spanked another of the sextuplets in the families driveway. 

Jon was reported as  saying that he didn’t know where Kate was.  Was Jon’s lack of information due to his drug abuse or the couples apparent martial problems?


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Jon Gosselin – BAM, CAUGHT IN THE ACT !

Jon Gosselin

If you have been following this blog or if I have talked to you in person, then you know that I have always said Jon was HIGH when he is doing the interviews!  For a long time I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, thinking it was just his contacts…  NOT NO MORE!!!!

He probably has  a whole field of hooch growing out in 100 acre woods.  Maybe that why he needed the two German Shepards, to keep away the ATF….

This could be a cigarette, but I don’t think so…


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Kate Gosselin & Rachel Ray Together – AND I MISSED IT !

I totally love Rachel Ray!  I totally love to watch Jon & Kate!  Somehow, I missed Kate on Rachel Ray! 

This is  a video of Kate being interviewed by Rachel Ray on her show…  Rachel Ray ROCKS! & Kate has ROCKS in her head!  Watch This!


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Jon & Kate Plus Emeril

I just watched the new episode of Jon & Kate plus 8.. Plus Emeril!!!  It was OK, nothing  too exciting..  I thought it was very interesting, however,  how well Jon & Kate were getting along…  They were even  making jokes.   Considering that during the last episode which showed the sextuplets birthday party, Kate wouldn’t even look at him.   I have always wondered, if the whole marital indiscretion thing, was just a ploy to get ratings… 

My friends, Cindy, Maris, Juliane and Missy and etc…  think that I’m off my rocker!  However, I think that tonight’s episode is an example of things to come…  I just wonder if all of Jon and Kate’s alleged affairs are not just a ploy to get more ratings… 

I guess WE will see…..


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Jon Gosselin in Deep Doggie Doo

c2fb7de02cf0b479_snookanalaSorry folks, but enough already.  There are some legitimate reasons why Jon Gosselin should be in deep doggie doo doo, but this isn’t one of them.  After Jon’s latest People Magazine article, quite a few concerned citizens called the Human Society of Berks County, Pennsylvania, where Jon lives, and turned him in for animal cruelty.  The beat up Dad had said in the article that “those kids beat them up, climb on them, pull their tails, bite at them, drag them around and everything you can imagine not to do to an animal, they’ve done.

In the newest press statement from Jon he stated,   “I’d like to set the record straight. We understand the responsibilities of being good dog owners. Whenever my kids are with Shoka and Nala, everyone is carefully supervised to ensure that no one – dog or child – is injured. Shoka and Nala are loyal companions who we consider members of our family. We would never do anything to hurt them, and treat them with the respect and love that they deserve.”

I know Jon has made some bone headed decisions lately, but I really think people should concentrate on the real issues.  I have made statements like his in the past regarding my precious pup, and of course was exaggerating just like I’m sure Jon was.  I know at least with my Hallie Ann, if she doesn’t want to be climbed on, tail pulled, or dragged around, she leaves the area.  Most of the time, she stays with the kids, she loves being with them.  Of course, I make sure that they aren’t too rough with her, but she’s 140 pounds and can easily toss them aside if she wished to. 

The executive director of the Berks County Human Society, Karel I. Minor, of the organization does not believe the animals are in any danger.  Believe me, if anyone saw any proof that Nala and Shoka are being abused PETA would be knocking at their gates.


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I hope that everyone is ready for he next installment of the Groovy free lovin Gosselins…  The season premier was reported to have had over 9.3 million suckers viewers.  Since then, from what I’ve heard, their viewership has sucked dropped dramatically! 

And what happens when a previously high profile television show starts sucking reaching its end?  You got it!  They have guest stars!  This week it is going to be Emeril! 

If they were going to have a food person on the show they could at least have a real star like hot ass Bobby Flay.   I guess he is too busy traveling the South showing us southerners how to make Bar-B-Q ribs!   I’d like to work him like a Bar-B-Q rib!  Just in case you don’t watch “The Food Network” of which I am a huge fan, that was what his show was about last night.

I’m glad my husband doesn’t read this site!   

Hell, I forgot all about the Gosselins for a minute, sorry…. 

Anyway, They are apparently going to start the whole “Guest Star” thing as they usually do when a show starts to sucknear its end.  I, Margie Weatherbe, have personally contacted the assholes TLC and suggested that they have “The Super Nanny” on the show and have Kate appear on “Wife Swap”.  All I got in response was a standardized kiss my ass form letter from them… 

I think that everyone needs to email TLC and tell them the same!  I would really really love to see, as I’m sure you would,  Kate and Jon interact with “The Super Nanny and Kate be on “Wife Swap” where I’m sure she would have the husband cowering in the corner before the end of the show!   What a night of entertainment that would be……….


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Kate Gosselin’s – SECRET FIANCE’

sm24_230Look at what I found!  Star Magazine has interviewed Kate Gosselin’ s long lost fiance…  Isn’t strange that when there is something to be had, how relatives, best friends and ex-fiance’s come climbing out of the wood work? 

These interviews can tend to be a little too Politically Correct for my tastes so I will alter it to give you a little better understanding….

Who knew? Kate Gosselin was engaged in sex before she ever met Jon — and now the fiancé she has never spoken about is pimping his story like Deanna Hummel’s brother telling all to Star, and he does not paint a pretty picture.  Go figure!

For starters, Adam Miller says the reality star supermom begged to have his spawn pressured him to marry her — but he broke off the engagement just in the nick of time after she cheated on him at her 21st birthday party.

“She started screwing hooked up with some guy in a Corvette,” minimum wage factory worker Adam says in a world exclusive interview. “She was always chasing the money.”
Kate caught Adam’s wallet eye back in 1995 in the small town of Slutstown  Kutztown, Pa. Adam was 17 and a recent high school graduate and a sophisticated international Playboy. Kate, a nursing student, was a year older. Still he managed to play sugar daddy to his bride-to-be. “I spoiled Katezilla with gifts, like a diamond bracelet and a diamond studed dildo gold locket, and she loved that. I think one of the main reasons she gave me oral sex liked me is that I had a constant erection so much money flowing.”

Adam, 33, also reveals that Kate was nothing like the organic-food-loving health nut she is now. “We’d eat mostly hamburgers, fries, Cheetos. A typical night out was having sex in the back of my Chevette at Ruby Tuesday’s!”


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Jon & Kate Season 5, Episode 2 & 3

Gosselins-new-house-jon-and-kate-plus-8-4064254-604-357I’m going to leave the individual episodes up to Margie to open for discussion.  Honestly, I get the small details messed up, like I know what cake store they went to in episode 1 tonight,  but for the life on me can’t think of the name of it.  I hate blogging then quitting my train of thought to go verify or look up the name of things or the exact quote someone said.  Ace of Cakes, I new it would come back to me…So I am going for my general thoughts of the shows tonight, which may not be saying much.  It is just so different to watch knowing that there are marital problems going on. 

So, I did my duty tonight and watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 just so I could write something about it for all of you folks that “won’t watch the show”, but still love to gossip.  Quite honestly, I don’t know how many more of these shows I can watch!  There is no doubt in my mind that the show will continue as long as the ratings are up, neither Jon nor Kate will stop the flow of the cash.  I also feel that the charges of child exploitatin or labor laws that the State of Pennsylvania is conducting will result in no charges being filed. 

One of the good (or bad) things that is immediately noticeable is the bantering on the sofa is gone.  Yes, Jon and Kate do at times sit together, but Kate no longer interrupts Jon or belittles him at every turn.  Maybe that was just “love” taps she used to give him…now she’s not even looking at him unless she has to.  I hated the way Kate used to treat Jon, so I find that she is a little more tolerable to watch now –  but for those who believed Kate was just being affectionate with John – whew, they must really be disappointed. 

It is also evident that both Jon and Kate have been reading the tabloids.  Jon explained how they will be doing separate interviews at times “depending on how things are going” and Kate felt that it was once again necessary to explain to HER viewers how she does EVERYTHING for the kids.  The kids seem to be having the time of their lives…Madie especially loved to be sitting on the interview couch with Jon and Kate.  Again, I can’t help but think that this too was staged for the tabloids.  I need to back up, sorry, the second episode tonight was about Kate and Madie taking a trip together.  After all, Kara went with Jon to Utah for a skiing vacation, so Madie asked Kate one night “Mommy could we go someplace together alone, just the two of us?”  Of course Kate said “Yes” and then proceeded to ask Madie where she wanted to go.  Like any normal 8-1/2 year old, Madie responded, “Mommy let’s go to San Diego.”  Sure…….that’s exactly where my 8-1/2 year old would want to go…….

That was the jest of the second episode, Kate and Madie went to San Diego to do everything that started with an “S”, swim, spa, seashells, spa, shop, spa.  Madie thrived with the alone time with Kate, but once back in PA, she was back to her camera getting attention ways.  Making faces into the camera, interrupting Kate when she talked, and just all around being obnoxious.  Sorry folks, I know that’s particularly not nice to say, but I do feel it’s true.  The girl has some serious issues that are continually ignored. 

While Kate and Madie were vacationing, Jon stayed home with the other kids.  Typical day in the life of the Gosselins, eating breakfast, playing outside, walking in the woods, Lexi biting through her lip.  Jon then has to call Kate, get a babysitter and take Lexi to the doctors, all the while Lexi is loving every minute of it.  I can’t quite say the same for Jon, stay at home dad doesn’t seem to suit him that well.  I actually think he likes the cameras being there, it’s a grownup to talk to.  I really don’t think he has the patience for the kids on his own.  If it weren’t for the cameras I think we would be seeing a whole other side to Jon.  Again, just my opinion.

Back to episode 1, Kate and the kids at the Charm City Cakes for Kate’s birthday.  Jon was away again, skiing in Utah with the handicapped children.  That was good thinking of Jon’s or TLC’s…..  How can I explain going to Utah on Kate’s birthday alone (with my girlfriend), and make it look good for the public?  I know, I’ll explain how my Dad and I did this together since I’ve been 4 years old and then give back to the world by skiing behind a boy with cerebral palsy and telling my VIEWERS how I talked to him and everything.  Yes folks, John told the cameras how he had long conversations with this boy…WTF?

The kids did have a ball at the cake place.  Kate tried her little “OMG, how messy” for the cameras, but overall I think she is mugging up to the cameras way too much.  I couldn’t believe it, she actually kissed the little ones again.  I don’t think she ever showed this much affection to her kids in the entire previous season.   The little kids are cute and all and don’t seem to be affected by the cameras at all.  In fact, I think the boys think of the camera people as their friends or buddies.  

When the cameras are gone, I don’t know how the kids will react.  How do you go from constant attention to no attention? All of a sudden no more wonderful fantastic trips….and a Mommie and Daddie that are bitter and grouchy.   I think that is what’s going to happen once the public rebels completely on Jon and Kate.


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Jon & Kate, Season 5 – Episode 2 – ACE OF CAKES !

I just got finished watching the first of the two new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 for tonight…. 

They just need to boot Jon’s cheating ass off of the show!  He is so fake.  He tried to portray himself as such a caring individual, involved in helping kids that are less fortunate.  Oh Jon, you are such a bastard good person.  

Then, Jon & Kate talked about how they decided that one of them would stay home when the other is gone.  Jon said I will stay home when Kate is gone doing book signings.  And Kate will stay home when I’m, out…. Doing what?  Banging some babe?   He is so full of it, it’s not even funny! 

These shows are also shot so out of sequence it’s not funny.  They first episode  of the new season that was aired on May 25th was just completed a few weeks ago because of the whole who is screwing who thing and that something happened to the program manager.  Fired or quit, who knows…  But tonight’s first episode included Kate’s birthday which was March 28th..  I even remembered her Birthday and sent her birthday wishes on her blog….

My favorite part of the show was when the kids took Kate to the “Charm City Cakes Bakery” to see Duff, the Ace of Cakes himself !    The owner of the bakery, Duff,  told all of the kids to be quiet!  And they did!  Kate said I would like to take you home with me!  I bet she would!  He is a very hot sensual man!  I love his little bit of stubble that he keeps on his face!  I wonder if he could make her decide if 8 was enough? 

I personally have contacted TLC and suggested that they do some cross series episodes.  I’m glad to see that they are taking my advise…  However, I suggested that they send the “Super Nanny” to the Gosselin’s house and / or have have Kate on “Wife Swappers”.  Both episodes would be awesome! 

All I got from my suggestions was a form letter…..

The information on the next episode will be here in just a few minutes!


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Where's Kate?

I couldn’t pass up on  trying to post this!  Someone sure has a great imagination, I wish I would have thought of it myself.  Courtesy of US, here is what’s Kate Gosselin’s hair would look like on some of our most popular celebrities.  Can you spot Kate? Is she a Celeb?


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Where’s Kate?

I couldn’t pass up on  trying to post this!  Someone sure has a great imagination, I wish I would have thought of it myself.  Courtesy of US, here is what’s Kate Gosselin’s hair would look like on some of our most popular celebrities.  Can you spot Kate? Is she a Celeb?


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If you lay with DOGs your going to get FLEAS!

I guess the recession is making it hard on people all over.  People are going to more and more extemes to make ends meet.   

So Jason Hummel, brother of slut23 year old Deanna Hummel, Jon Gosselin’s concubine is trying sell the bed, where  Jon and she did the dirty, on ebay!  Seems like Obama’s stimulus package just isn’t quite enough!

Apparently Hoe DogDeanna moved out, leaving the bed queen size bed,  after her brother, Jason, pimped her story to the media.  I personally would have to have the mattress steamed cleaned before I could use it!  Ewwww!

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Jon & Kate Enrolls Kids In Boarding School

Just_Jared_Celebrity_Babies_87877_jon_kate_plus_8_sextuplets_birthday_celebrationAnyone else wonder what can come next for reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin?  No matter where you look those two keep making headlines.  Or maybe I should say, we are making them headlines.  The tabloids and the paparazzi are having a field day and making mucho bucks off these two and their exploits, now it seems regular everyday Pennsylvania newspapers are jumping on the bandwagon.  I first saw this on TMZ and laughed when I read the article, then I had to follow through and  click on link to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review to get the full effect.  To save you the time of finding the article, here it is in it’s entirety:

WERNERSVILLE — After their father’s rumored infidelity sent the show’s ratings soaring, the youngsters who helped make “Jon & Kate Plus 8” a success are being de-emphasized. The children will be sent away to boarding school to allow The Learning Channel show to explore more mature themes. The program’s producers also announced today that the reality program will be rechristened “Jon & Kate Unleashed.”  “The kids will still make occasional guest appearances, primarily around the holidays,” executive producer Benny Temberton said at a news conference outside Jon and Kate Gosselin’s home. “But we’re definitely retooling the show into something sleek, something sexy — and perhaps even a little sinister.” 

Since its inception, the show has centered on the logistical challenges the Gosselins face in raising their now 8-year-old twin girls and 5-year-old sextuplets.  The nearly 10 million viewers who watched the show’s fifth-season premiere Monday were more than double the program’s previous largest audience. The boost has been attributed to numerous tabloid reports that Jon has been unfaithful to Kate.   Temberton would not confirm or deny those stories but called them a “fantastic opportunity” to break free from a format that was growing stale.  “What we’ve been dealing with since the show debuted is this: Jon and Kate have eight kids. That sure makes for a lot of dirty clothes piling up in the laundry room,” Temberton said. “By now, the audience gets that.”  Once the children are dispatched to a far-off locale — Temberton mentioned Switzerland as a possibility — the show will revolve around the Gosselins’ troubled marriage.

“To fill the vacuum left by the children, we’ll have a mysterious stranger with some skeletons in his closet move next door to the Gosselins,” Temberton said. “Will Kate be tempted to become romantically involved with him if she and Jon separate? You’ll have to tune in to find out.”  Temberton dismissed the idea that such a manipulation of events might taint the program’s reputation as reality based.  “Oh, come on. These people put makeup on every morning before breakfast so they can be videotaped eating their Shredded Wheat,” he said. “You call that reality?”  He also scoffed at the notion the Gosselins would be lonely without their children.  “They’ll still have family around,” he said. “The production crew isn’t going anywhere.”

Could this possible be true?  I somehow find this a little hard to believe, but stranger things have happened.  If I had read this maybe in the Star or National Enquirer I would instantly have thought of it as a lie, but lately both of those tab mags have been right on target.  The question remains how does a supposed mainstream newspaper get a scoop like this and the Enquirer not? Is there a “real” Benny Temberton employed by TLC as an executive producer, or has someone been had?  Let’s see how fast this story makes the national headlines..

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John & Kate Shatter TLC Record

jon-kate_lEntertainment Weekly has released the following :

The heavily promoted fifth-season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8 posted record ratings for TLC on Memorial Day. The hour-long episode — in which tabloid cover queen Kate Gosselin admitted, “I have a lot of anger…this is not what I envisioned for us” — attracted a whopping 9.8 million viewers, which more than doubled the audience that tuned into the show’s season 4 finale in March (4.6 million). Early estimates also reveal that the premiere, which lured unprecedented numbers of women aged 18-34 and women 18-49, was TLC’s (and Jon & Kate’s) most-watched episode ever. It also trounced the broadcast networks, which aired mostly repeats because of the holiday (an original episode of The Bachelorette on ABC lured 6 million). Final ratings are due Wednesday

Most of us have guessed that this would be the case, even to the point that many of the Kate Haters out there refused to watch the Season 5 Premier.  Personally, I don’t see that it made much of an impact or statement to TLC at all.  I have viewed many websites where the public blogs in a question such as  “I refused to watch the show last night, but can someone please tell me what happened?” So it seems that even though the public is crying out child exploitation, the public still wants to know…

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New Episode, Jon & Kate getting a DIVORCE?


The new season 5 premier of Jon & Kate plus 8, TLC’s hit Television show just ended.  I’m left feeling a little  numb…  There was a lot that was said and a lot more that was not.

Kate’s feeling about Jon was very apparent especially when he first arrived at the sextuplets birthday party.  Although he stood next to her, she refused to speak or even look in his direction.  It was also apparant that Kate was the only one happy to be at the party.   If she was putting on an act, I couldn’t tell but I did notice that other than her I only saw one other adult smile during the whole party.  Speaking of being unhappy.  Maddy hasn’t changed any.  When they were about to have their picture made, Madd got up and stormed off.  So she hasn’t changed.  The camera crew must have been told to stop recording her unacceptable behavior.

At one point, Alexis,  was loving on Jon.  You could tell that she was happy to see him.  Then he asked, “did you miss me”?  Odd? I think not.  Apparently he hasn’t been around.  She said ” I don’t want you to leave any more .”  Jon then tells her, “well sometimes Daddies have to work”.  How very sad.

They both did continue to deny the  accusations of infidelity in their marriage.  However, you could tell throughout the interviews, which were pretty lengthy, that a lot of time and attention went into editing the interviews so they could be aired on TV to make the biggest impact.

Jon & Kate were asked questions about the different aspect of their relationship.  I won’t go through all of the questions, but I’ll give you the rundown on what they said and what I noticed. 

They were both wearing their wedding rings.  If they put them on for the show or not, there is no way to know.  Jon said he would  never do something like cheating on Kate. he says that someday his kids are going to google him. And if he had been unfaithful, he would have to explain his actions…  Jon said he never bought a tabloid magazine until he was in one and that he will never buy another one.  Kate says the rumors about her aren’ttrue either and that she will be darn if people are going to bring her down because of this!  Kate also said that she is doing everything that she is supposed to be doing.   Sorry, I’m not trying to sound mean, and I don’t want to see them get a divorce, but, I thought that she was supposed to be at home helping to raise the kids.  It’s not like they need to money from the book signings and the appearances.   

Jon admits to making some poor decisions.  Kate says that she has noticed over the past 6 months or more that Jon has been becoming resentful of the duties he fulfills at their home.  She admitts that she has been hard on him.  But did she push him to this?  She says she doesn’t think so.  That everyone is accountable for their own actions.  My question is push him to what?  Is that her slip up admitting that Jon has been having an affair?  At one point Kate says, I’m here.  Whenever I’m not on the road working I’m here.  I can only speak for myself.  implying that Jon is out running around with different priorities.  She also continued to spin her wedding rings during most of the interviews.  At one point, Jon said, Kate put the birthday party together by herself.  I was out….  He was still talking and was cut off!  I really am interested in what he said that he was out doing. 

Then later on she tears up while talking about where their relationship is headed.  She says they have seemed to travel in different directions in a very short period of time.  They said they didn’t know what is going to happen next.  Basically they admitted in their undertones that divorce is coming and quick! 

At the end of the show they were shown having a cookout, just the family, on the back patio.  Jon was narrating the segment basically and was saying  how the kids will be OK as long as they know that what ever happens that they are still loved by both of them.  How they are the most important thing in their lives….  yada yada yada.  My eyes started to glaze over right about there, listening to his dribble.  Speaking of glazed over eyes.  Jon has always seemed to look a little high during their interviews.  Tonight he looked really high, with his feet propped up and being layed back.  His eyes were redder and glassier than I have ever seen them.  I used to chalk it up to contacts, but after what all has happened, being  high would not surprise me. 

The summary I took away from the whole show.  Yes, they are going to get a divorce.  They can’t fake it anymore.  He is not living there anymore and hasn’t for a while now.  And he is trying to soothe his own conscious by saying that he will always love them and be there for them.    If they get a divorce, my heart will just break!

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Jon & Kate Divorce Season Premiere-Live Blogging!

John-Kate-8-john-and-kate-8-1304383-500-330This will be interesting…Margie will be writing one post and I will be writing another..we will see how different or alike they are!  One big difference is that we live in different time zones.  So Margie will be putting up a nice well written post, and I decided to just blog as I watch. 

Well Jon and Kate are  back and if I must say so myself in rare form.  This is the first show I’ve watched completely through in eons.  OMG, Kate wants to play down the idea that they are not celebrities.  She is telling the paparazzi to go film another mother.  I love how she can yell out to the kids and tell them they have to stay close because of the paparazzi, but then turn around and tell the kids that they are not to say the word.  We call them the “P” word because paparazzi sounds so yucky…OMG, Kate is putting everything on Jon, HE made the bad decisions…OMG did you hear when he said…I can’t write, I can’t talk write and some people say I can’t even breathe right!!! 

Oh poor Kate, she’s doing the birthday by herself, did you hear that, she planned the birthday party by herself, no really Kate had 30 birthday party favors to put together by herself.  After all the little kids still need a party.  Kate is soooo exhausted, did you hear that, she is soooo sooo exhausted…Gee, the parparrazzi were brought up again…I think I’m going to replay this episode and see how many times says the “P” word.  Now Kate is complaining about the bad weather and the bugs in PA!  Guess what?  I lived in NE Ohio for 35 years…that’s what it is like around there!! How long has Kate lived there?  When I heard she was planning a party at a water park in mid May, I didn’t know what she was thinking anyway.

Everything Kate has said so far has been “I’ this or “I” that or “I allowed”, but when Jon would speak he still would say “we” this or “we” that…hmm….interesting.  Kate just kissed a little child….wow..Uh oh, John has just become a “him”….John has on sunglasses so I guess you can’t see the daggars…Kate is pretty much ignoring him.  She’s complaining about the cold again……GOD, what does she expect?  It’s mid May in PA…she’s lucky it’s not snowing…Oops, there’s the “P” word again!  Kate just put on her sunglasses, I think she figured out that the cameras can see the Kate Hate shooting from her eyes. 

Oh, one of the little kids was just hugging John and told him that “she doesn’t want him to leave anymore.”  Kate just gave each one of the kids a “kiss” for their birthday.  Time for the family picture, “Jon take off the sunglasses,” Sit over there.”  MAGICIAN, MAGICIAN WHERE’ S THE MAGICIAN.  I finally get it, this isn’t an act, I mean Kate’s personality, she’s just controlling and very bossy!!  Here we go again MY kids….not OURS, but my kids. Let’s complain about having 2 cakes now, jeez, can’t we just have one for now!  The drill sargent Kate is in rare form.  We are telling everybody  who to sing, when to blow, when to eat.  Now we can have Cake…Isn’t that what was said before someone’s head was chopped off.    Let’s complain again, the party is long, Is this party long?  We are running over shedule! 

John is telling the little girls to hit the pinatas like they are their brothers…haha..Like we don’t see enough of that.  That was one of the things I noticed in the beginning of the show.  The boys are beating the crap out of each other, and the girls too, but boys will be boys…I must say the tups are very comfortable around the cameras and they are too cute (most of the time)  Another kiss from Kate for the kids..I haven’t watched many of these shows, but the one’s I did watch there was no affection being shown.  That was one of the things that turned me off the most.  It was always about Kate.  This is the first show I have ever watched that Kate appears to be interested in her children.  I sure hope it wasn’t just for the camera

Tickle, tickle, tickle camera that’s one of the little kids tickling the camera…I wonder if they think “cameras” are normal for everyone? “What’s the status?” they are asked.. Kate responds “I wish I knew”, whereas Jon replies “I don’t know.”  There Kate goes again..on the couch “I” “I” and John is “We” “We’..Jon and Kate are now on the couch together but don’t look to happy with it.  Jon appears to be completely defeated, and Kate does EVERYTHING  for her kids, and she won’t let any of this hurt her kids.  Jon now has to tell the world that he is there for his kids…Jon and Kate are then asked “What’s the future hold?”  Kate says that she can only speak for herself.  She once again reassured the word that she’s here to stay,  the only thing that will take her away is work.  And Jon responds “And I’m here for my kids.”

Kate is alone now and crying and talking about the birthday party and where they were five years ago…This could be their last family picture, so she knew it was important to do.  Statitics are being told how parents of multiples have a very high divorce rate and at one time she thought that they would be able to beat that, but now she doesn’t think so. She doesn’t understand what happened, but I get the impression that she thinks it is all of John’s fault.  After all, Kate has been doing what she was supposed to be doing, while Jon is the one that screwed up.  She has tried for 6 months to find out or remidy the problem…it’s so complicated, but they have been physically able to pull it off. 

Jon has pretty much said that their marriage is over, but it is nobody’s business but their own.  They will always come together for the sake of the children.  They will make a plan and jointly come together for the sake of the kids. 

OK, guys, this is for thoses who said they weren’t going to watch the show tonight, but really still want to know what’s going on!  That’s why we call it gossip, that’s why we love to hate sometimes.  I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s the way we are.  Tune in tomorrow and I’m sure  I’ll have some different views, but for right now ‘THIS IS THEIR LIFE”.

I’m already thinking back when the boys were calling each other poopy, butts and weiners!!! Oh yeah, boys will be boys!

 Don’t be to hard on my grammer please!!

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Jon & Kate, Get Ready for Tomorrow Night!


I think maybe we should rename this blog, “The Gosselins”, since it seems like that is what we mostly write about these days. I guess it’s because  everyone is just excited about the new episode tomorrow night.  I usually Tivo everything so I can skip through the commercials.   But not this time!  I will be there for commercials and all! 

There isn’t a whole lot of new information out there about the family right now.  It’s like the calm before a really really big storm..  I’m probably just building myself up just to be let down as usual, but I can’t help it!  My three loves in life are my kids, Jon & Kate and Blogging, oh and I guess my husband fits in there somewhere…  I know, I need to get a life right?  I had a life, that’s how I got two kids and a husband! Just not in that order thank goodness!  LOL…  Just give me a computer, a TV with Tivo and a box of Blue Bell Mooo Bars and I’m happy.  I’m a woman of simple pleasures!  Have you ever had a Moo Bar! OMG, they are sooo goooood! 

Anyway, I went to the Jon & Kate TLC website.  I found it to be sorta child friendly I guess.  Kate has a blog there with 463 comments.  I read through a lot of them.  The people who blog there are all cowards!  I didn’t see one thing about her orange skin or Hedge Hog hair.  I guess they were afraid she might actually read that blog!  But, I can pretty much guarantee you that she doesn’t.   She would have at least have responded to one of the comments.  You see here on our blog we actually care about the people who waste their time want to spend time with us.  That’s why we always try to make comments with people on the articles that we write. 

There is also a Gosselin Trivia Quiz there.  YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT!  They make Jon look like a total Turdroll!  He is sitting on the couch with Kate, “not touching of course”.  His hair is sticking up all over his little cartoon head and if  you answer so many right questions, Kate lets him say something, Like, GREAT JOB!  If you miss 3 questions you get kicked out of the game.  I only missed 2 out of 10.  But, they were pretty tuff questions too.  Here is a link to the site if you would like to go see it.

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John Gosselin’s Bike

6a00d83451b92469e201156fadc272970c-800wiI try to leave the John and Kate stuff to Margie, since I usually wallow in the public reaction to these two people, but jeez, this stuff is everywhere!  I finally watched the video snippet of the season 5 opener, and my first impression was that John looked like a defeated man.  I thought I could see the pain is his eyes regarding his life choices.  Kate on the other hand seems happy as a clam to continue her life as she sees fit. 

Now I see where TLC’s American Chopper has arrived on the scenes and has given John a Harley of his own.  I can just see the thoughts in John’s head – Hmm….do I sell my soul to the devil?  I sort of like all of these things I get for free….Just think of the babes I can pick up with this thing! 

Come on you two, it’s time to **it or get off the pot!  You can’t have it both ways.  Either you are in a committed relationship or you’re not!  These two seem to want it all….The fame, the money, the admiration, the privacy, the family, the girlfriends the boyfriends , the stuff….John made a comment saying he felt like he lived in a prison.  The only prison I see is the one he purchased for 1.3 million dollars.  Hey John, Hey Kate, no one can have it all…make up your minds!!









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