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Jon & Kate Plus the Mistress

jon-gosselin-deanna-hummelTo use an Internet phrase:  When Did Jon & Kate jump the shark?  A lot of people would say once the outside advertising took over the show.  For me, the episode where Jon had to do some work on his computer, then turned to the camera and showed TV land  the Allstate Insurance Home Page (I think it was Allstate), was the most defining moment.  In the past we saw ad placements all throughout the series, but none as blatant obvious as this one. 

The show has been surrounded in controversy since day one.  Child Exploitation has been the biggest issue, then of course going public with the divorce announcement.  But I think the worst is yet to come. 

It’s being reported in the New York Daily News that Deanna Hummel, the 23-year old school teacher is expected to appear on Jon & Kate Plus 8 when filming resumes.  OMG, filming with your alleged mistress…..Deanna’s presence isn’t supposed to be a major, but it will be included since she is one of Jon’s friends and she’s part of Jon’s life. 

If this is true, Jon & Kate has moved from the reality family show to the daytime soap opera category.  Jump the shark hell, the show has jumped the whale. 

I didn’t have a problem with the filming of last Monday’s episode.  Jon & Kate have become a world wide name and a business enterprise all in itself.  As Kate has always said, “Their show is their life, and the life is their show.”  So if the show is going to continue, the divorce issue has to be addressed.  But to make the decision to film alleged infidelities has taken things to an entirely different level. 

Maybe it’s time to redo the name of the show and it’s mission statement.  It used to be that Jon & Kate wanted “memories” for their children, and an opportunity to provide for them.  I can’t argue with that, it was their choice to do so.  Without the show, I think the state of Pennsylvania would have been supporting the Gosselin eight  for years to come.  Kate would have had to return to nursing full time since Jon doesn’t seem to have any career skills what so ever.  If the tensions we picked up on every week were so blantent, could you imagine how it would have been with the family being broke? 

Instead of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the show about a family raising twins and septuplets, the show has to be renamed. 

Jon & Kate Plus 8, Behind the Scences of a Family Torn Apart


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