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We all watched Michael Jackson grow from a child into an adult.  We have watched his life as he and his brothers and sisters were molded by an abusive father and a loving mother.  We have seen him through his good times and his struggles. 

Through all of the allegations and media attention, Michael never wavered from his goal of bringing people of all races and genders together as one.  It seems, however, his message fell on many deaf ears.  Namely Jamie Foxx and the people from BET who described Jackson as “belonging to us” – the African American community – and we decided to share him with everyone else.

Jamie Foxx’s racially charged statements along with his inept attempt at being humorous using the late Jackson’s dance as his medium was extremely offensive to many viewers.  The point that he was trying to get across was understood, however, his execution was in very poor taste. 

The video that I was going to use has just been removed.. Damn it!  If they put it back up I will post it… They put up an edited version but they removed the racial remarks.


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