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Racist Shooter Expected to Live

348-museumshooting0611_ART_GP8I6VBI_1+vonBRUNN_JPG_embedded_prod_affiliate_138James von Brunn, the 88-year old gunman that killed 39-year old, Stephen Johns, a security guard at the U.S.  Holocaust Memorial Museum is expected to survive the injuries he suffered when other museum guards returned fire and shot him in the face. 

James von Brunn’s son, Erik, has denounced his father’s actions.  Eric says “that his father’s bigotry was a shadow over his entire life.”  James von Brunn has already been incarcentated for 6-1/2 years for the attempted kidnapping of the Federal Reserve Board in 1981. 

OMG…Nothing like spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to save a White Supremist, hateful racist. Then we taxpayers can spend another hundred thousand or so dollars to have a trial, which I cannot imagine has any other outcome than “guilty” .  Then, another few hundred thousand in appeals.  Then a possible death penalty sentenace.  Then the cost of the actual death of James von Brunn. 

Wouldn’t it be cheaper for us taxpayers if they just let him die now?   Just wondering……


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