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And the saga continues…  It has just been reported that One of the Octomom’s brude has been rushed to the hospital. 

A two-year-old male was vomiting after ingesting an unknown substance.  He was transported to St. Jude Hospital.

Just as most of the world predicted, it is impossable for one person to care for or to monitor the activities of so many children.  Will it take a death before someone steps in to do something about the welfare of the children?

Story still developing…

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The spectacle who is Jon Gosselin was spotted by the “P” people as he carried sextuplet, Aaden, to the medical clinic after receiving a cut on his forehead. 

This happened just days after pictures of Mommy Dearest, Kate Gosselin, were released as she lost her temper and spanked another of the sextuplets in the families driveway. 

Jon was reported as  saying that he didn’t know where Kate was.  Was Jon’s lack of information due to his drug abuse or the couples apparent martial problems?


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