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Chastity Bono – SEX CHANGE NEWS


It has been confirmed.  Chastity Bono, daughter of Sonny & Cher, is in the process of undergoing gender reassignment.  He / She is still in the early stages of the transformation process started earlier this year following her / his 40th birthday. 

Chaz, as he/she is now being called,  publicist confirmed the rumor.  He says: “Yes, it’s true — Chaz, after many years of consideration, has made the courageous decision to honor his true identity.”

Chaz was spotted out and about in Los Angles on Friday.  This is the first time he has been seen since the announcement. 

I am a huge fan of Cher.  I have seen every movie and concert, on video, that she has ever made.  I know that Chastity has struggled with her sexuality all of her life and that this hasn’t always been easy for Cher to accept.


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Children Trying to Understand Gay Marriage

This is a video that I got from one of my favorite blog.  I know that I love my friends that are gay but I love children even more…  What is right and what is wrong?  I know that I want my friends to be happy and to be able to experience life to its fullest.  But how will effect the kids…   I teach my children to love everyone for who they are, but what if their situation was different?

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White House or Waffle House?

ht_choi_scan_090512_mnIt’s becoming increasingly disturbing to the democratic base that Obama is repeatedly waffling (flip-flopping) on so many of his campaign promises.  His recent blocking of over 2000 abuse photos (after saying that he would release them) joins many other decision reversals.  Where’s the transparency??  I can’t see it…  What about his “no one is above the law” statement?  Maybe I missed the fine print that said that didn’t include the prior administration….  Closing Guantanamo?  Oops, gonna need more time on that one….  Military tribunalsare halted!!  But now maybe they’re ok after all…  Add these to his promises for universal health care, immigration reform, troop withdrawal, and about a dozen others, and it’s starting to look like the “change we can believe in” is his change of mind.
Now, I realize that some of these decision reversals make sense.  I want a president who can think on his feet and make good decisions for our country.  One recent waffle, however, makes no sense at all.  Remember when he promised to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the military?  Guess he hasn’t had time yet…  In the meantime, Lt. Daniel Choi, a graduate of West Point, twice deployed to Iraq, founder of “Knights Out” (an organization to advocate for gay and lesbian soldiers), and Arabic Linguist has been fired for publicly admitting he’s gay, along with over 12,000 other troops, 54 of whom were also Arabic Linguists.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we NEED guys who are fluent in Arabic?
There’s a debate going on as to whether or not we need to keep water-boarding as one of the tools in our arsenal to keep our country safe.  I’m not so sure of that, but there’s one thing I AM pretty sure of.  You can water-board these guys over 183 times and make them confess to the kidnapping of the Lindberg baby or the Sharon Tate murders if that’s what you want, but you can’t make them say it IN ENGLISH!!!
Article by WOMENS THOUGHTS Political Author

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Adam Lambert – Appealing to 50 Yr Old Hetro Women?


adamFor whatever reason I decided to watch American Idol this year, and what a surprise it has been.  A surprise with the name of Adam Lambert.  I find this talented young man something else!!  Who cares about his sexual orientation or his age….this guy is hot!!!  I haven’t had a musician touch me like this since I was a teenager.  (Touch me in my heart, no where else!)  Of course he is young enough to be my son, matter of fact my kids are older than Adam.  I feel like such a pervert!!

Music should be able to touch your insides, should make you smile inside and out, to make you forget about your trials and tribulations, and Adam does!  In all seriousness, it is so refreshing to see someone like Adam hit the stage.  His interpretations of the classics have been suburb.  He’s been able to take the classics of yesteryear and remake them into a completely different song to fit his amazing voice.  I can only hope that he can write music as he sings.  You either love him or hate him…….And I love him!!!!!!!!

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