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Great Goodbye to Farrah!

imagesCANAW4RGThis is bullshit!!  Sorry if I offended anyone, but my God, what has the world come to.  Everyone wants to make the almighty dollar, without any regards or compassion for anyone in the human race.  I guess that’s one of the reasons I will never be wealthy…I couldn’t stomach using people especially someone on their deathbed. 

The story is that Craig Nevius, a producer that worked with Farrah Fawcett on the documentary about her fight with anal cancer, is suing Ryan O’Neal, Ryan’s  business manager,  and Alana Stewart.  Ryan, Farrah’s long time life partner and Alana, her best friend and ex-wife of Rod Stewart, took total control of filming Farrah’s fight with cancer over 2 months ago.  According to the Associated Press, Nevius doesn’t name Farrah as a defendant in the suit.  Nor does he want the show to be stopped.  He is asking for unspecified damages, and wants to regain creative control.  (It’s completed and being shown.)

When Nevius was reached by email by EW he said “My intent today is the same as it has been when I first started working with Farrah in 2004:  to execute her artistic vision in projects that are a reflection of her while at the same time maintaining and protecting her personal privacy to the extent of her expressed wishes and desires.  There is no joy in this for me.  There is no ego in this for me.  This is not about money.  This is about Farrah and the trust she placed in me. She’s my friend.”

Ryan and Alana’s representative, Paul Bloch told EW today, “We hope and we pray that Farrah doesn’t hear or see of this lawsuit.  We didn’t expect this at all, we didn’t get any warning – it is very sad.  We saw the show last night in its entirety and it’s beautiful.  It’s amazing how Alana shot this show, she’s the filmographer, and she and Ryan have been just pivotal here. 

I once again say, this is bullshit!!  Farrah has gone on record stating that at first she felt violated by the tabloids with their false and misleading headlines.  “I’m a private person,” she told The Times.  “I’m shy about people knowing things.  And I’m really shy about my medical care.  It would be good if I could just go and heal and then when I decided to go out, it would be OK.”

Farrah is near death and one of her friends is suing her loved ones for money!  What a friend!  Yeah, maybe I’m taking this a little hard, heck I never followed Farrah and her career, but I have shared cancer with her.  I’ve had my own bout with breast cancer and held my father’s hand as he died from lung cancer.  People it’s not pretty.  When Farrah made the decision to film her journey, I’m sure she felt that there would be a miracle cure for her.  Her decision to make this film was probably very healing for her, and gave her the inner strength to keep going.  I would guess that two months ago, when she realized that her battle was nearing an end, the decision was made to keep up the filming, but under much more privacy.  I don’t care how much your friends love and care for you,  there are just some things that you don’t want someone to witness in person.  It’s makes perfect sense to me that Farrah wanted to finish her story, regardless where it ended.  Farrah decided when the documentary was to be released, she knew exactly what she was doing.  I’m sure she realized that by the time it aired, her time here on earth would be very close to the end.  This would be her final legacy, her gift to the world.  Yeah, and Nevius is concerned that the film was recut from  top to bottom and includes footage that Farrah had never seen or approved.  He’s only watching out for her best interest.  He knows better than anyone else that Farrah wouldn’t have wanted the film shown in this way!  Apparently Nevius never signed any type of contract with Farrah, he claims by the time he got the contract to her she was already to ill to sign it.

Nevius couldn’t even wait until Farrah was gone before acting like a buzzard.  The initial reviews are saying the film is amazing and could be considered for an Emmy Award as either outstanding nonfiction special or for the juried award for exceptional merit in nonfiction film making.  Thank you Farrah for sharing one of the most intimate parts of your life, for sharing  what cancer is actually like, for being honest and unselfish.  And Craig Nevius what goes around comes around.  Be afraid to look at your future, because karma can be a real bitch!

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