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Jon & Kate, Season 5 – Episode 2 – ACE OF CAKES !

I just got finished watching the first of the two new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 for tonight…. 

They just need to boot Jon’s cheating ass off of the show!  He is so fake.  He tried to portray himself as such a caring individual, involved in helping kids that are less fortunate.  Oh Jon, you are such a bastard good person.  

Then, Jon & Kate talked about how they decided that one of them would stay home when the other is gone.  Jon said I will stay home when Kate is gone doing book signings.  And Kate will stay home when I’m, out…. Doing what?  Banging some babe?   He is so full of it, it’s not even funny! 

These shows are also shot so out of sequence it’s not funny.  They first episode  of the new season that was aired on May 25th was just completed a few weeks ago because of the whole who is screwing who thing and that something happened to the program manager.  Fired or quit, who knows…  But tonight’s first episode included Kate’s birthday which was March 28th..  I even remembered her Birthday and sent her birthday wishes on her blog….

My favorite part of the show was when the kids took Kate to the “Charm City Cakes Bakery” to see Duff, the Ace of Cakes himself !    The owner of the bakery, Duff,  told all of the kids to be quiet!  And they did!  Kate said I would like to take you home with me!  I bet she would!  He is a very hot sensual man!  I love his little bit of stubble that he keeps on his face!  I wonder if he could make her decide if 8 was enough? 

I personally have contacted TLC and suggested that they do some cross series episodes.  I’m glad to see that they are taking my advise…  However, I suggested that they send the “Super Nanny” to the Gosselin’s house and / or have have Kate on “Wife Swappers”.  Both episodes would be awesome! 

All I got from my suggestions was a form letter…..

The information on the next episode will be here in just a few minutes!


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