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Eminem kissed some balls and DIDN’T LIKE IT !

At the MTV Music awards, Eminem left after getting a face full of balls!  Not tennis balls or foot balls but a sack full of  Testicles! 

This was probably staged but it’s still funny.  I’ve never been accused of having a straight sense of humor!

Sorry about the poor quality of this video…



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Eminem is Back


00014453The Candy Man, Eminem is back!  In L.A. this past week over 1,200 fans packed in front of the outdoor stage for the taping of the May 15th “Jimmy Kimmel Live”!

Along with his long time friend and fellow wrapper Denaun Porter, Eminem made his first major musical performance following his 4 year absence from the public spotlight.   The crowed chanted and roared as he performed songs from his long awaited new album “Relapse“. 

“I think that the song “Insane” is gunius,” say, Kanye West, referring to one of “Relaspse’s” most outrageous tracks. 

Eminem, now 36, shows that he hasn’t lost it!  He has made a stunning return to form for a man who is contemporary raps’s most talented lyricist. 

Recently, Mariah Carrie was asked her opinion of one of Eminem’s videos that duplicated a characterization of her.  Her response was ” I don’t eat candy “.  While not the wittiest retort, I think she got her point across.

Welcome back Eminem.  His new CD was realeased on May 19th.

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