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Amy Winehouse / Kate Moss – COCAINE & SEX IN THE BATHROOM

Skamy Amy Winehouse, being the pillar of the community as she is, was just aquited of charges that she brutally attacked a drunken fan who was trying to get a picture taken with the singer, claiming fear and self defense as her reasons for the attack. 

She was also recently granted a divorce from her drug induced marriage to husband Blake Fielder-Civil.  Poor Skamy Amy Winehouse has been through so much, trying to distance herself from the negative influences in her life.  NO, WAIT, I forgot we were talking about Amy Winehouse….

Well NOW, her incarcerated ex-hubby is coming out of the closet.  Not because he dropped the soap in the prison shower but about some of he and Amy’s sexually drug induced exploits.

Amy’s EX claims that she stole supermodel Kate Mosses blow / cocaine.  Blake claims that while at a private party at NYC’s Gramercy Park Hotel, Amy went into Kate’s purse and stole two grams of coke. 

Kate, I’m a Supermodel, Moss was so plastered, she never noticed that it was missing. 

According to the Daily Mail, they were mingling with models and other Hollywooders when Kate told Amy to get  a $10 bill out of her handbag to snort a line with.  I guess that just how they roll in Hollywood, most people would have just gone for  a dollar. Anyway, that’s when Skamy noticed the 2 grams of coke in Kate’s purse.  So, thats when she scored the blow and she and Blake headed to the bathroom to do the lines and have sex.

I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t the first time that Amy has had sex or drugs in a public bathroom.

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What is the connection between drug abuse and swimmers. Michael Phelps was videoed smoking pot, now U.S. swimmer Ricky Berens has been caught with crack!

Ricky Berens Swimmer

Ricky Berenes felt the need to split after he cracked under pressure at the World Swimming Championships in Rome.

The easy breezy swimmer ripped one as he did a pre-swim stretch…

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Talk about sticking your proverbial foot in your mouth!  Law enforcement sources say Dr. Murray himself told LAPD detectives about a closet where he kept medications hidden in Jackson’s home when he was interviewed the Saturday after Jackson’s death. 

This all comes after Dr. Murray refused to answer the question if he had ever administered the drug Propofol, a powerful anesthesia, that is being blamed for the King of Pop’s death.

Law enforcement sources said when the LAPD first searched Jackson’s homethe night he died, they did not find Propofol or any other of the many other drugs that were supposed to be in Jackson’s house.

Dr. Murray talked to the LAPD the following Saturday and the information he supplied triggered another, broader search warrant. Cops returned to the house the following Monday and discovered “various drugs” secretly stashed in a closet of the guest room where Dr. Murray was staying.

One law enforcement source says: “The drugs were concealed…they weren’t obvious.” Among the stash — Propofol, the drug authorities believe killed Michael Jackson.

Is this Doc just stupid or maybe he using some of his own drugs?

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Duschtard, Jon Gosseling has now been reported to be trying to land his own reality TV show.  In preparation for his attempt at a solo career is why, supposedly the chubby dad of 8, has been chillaxn with Michael Lohan and his entourage of younger skanks women…

 Jon holds fast to his claims that his main concern is his children, but he is focusing on his private and his professional life. 

Translation from the Jon Gosselin Dictionary: Jon knows he has to say his main concern is the children or he will look like an even bigger asshole than he already does…  But his main focus is trying to establish himself as a “Stud for Hire” but so far has only been able to land skanky drug addicts….  He has also realized he ain’t gonna get as much money from his divorce as he once thought, so he better get busyrubbing noses, or any other part that he can, with some influential people and drop the drug addicted skanks that he has been porking up to this point! 

He is looking into some major international endorsement deals and it looks like he is going to have his own show.” He still has 30 Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes left on the 40-episode order TLC placed, and the network has no comment on Jon’s new reality-show scheming.

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Harry Potter’s Vincent Crabbe – HIGH TIMES AT HOGWARTS HIGH

I don’t know if Great Britian has something equivalent to the FFA / Future Farmers of America, in their schools but I’m pretty sure Harry Potter’s bully turned marijuana cultivator, Jamie Waylet won’t be trying to join anytime soon.

Jamie Waylett, who plays the Harry Potter bully Vincent Crabbe was sentenced this morning to 120 hours of community service for his magical green thumb. Draco Malfoy’s wingman could have faced up to 14 years behind bars after pleading guilty last week to growing 10 cannabis plants in his mother’s home.

The hearing that lasted only 15-minutes, after the judge decided against sending the actor to jail, as his plant farm was done on a “small scale” and Waylett himself was quick to admit to the error of his ways.

“I give you credit for pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity, your cooperation with police and the fact that you are, until now, a man of good character,” the judge admitted.

Outside the courthouse, Waylett, who celebrates his 20th birthday today, was quick to make amends with both his fans and employers.

“I extend my sincere apologies to the producers, cast and crew and all at Warners and most especially to all Harry Potter fans,” he said.

The next time Vincent Crabbe wants to get high, he may want to stick a little closer with the confinds of the law.  Plus, I don’t know if he’s noticed, but having the munchies isn’t helping any…

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on Gosselin & Hailey Glassman – SEX DRUGS & ROCK n’ ROLL

I think of all of the recently published photos of Jon Gosselin and his new flava of da month, Hailey Glassman, this one is my favorite!  Nothing turns me on like overweight asian man .  I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!  Handlebars or Lovehandles?  Wuwww. 

Now Handlebar Hailey’s school chums are even rating her out…  Your not famus until your friends turn on you or atleast start doing interviews  about you for Star Magazine.

E News spoke to a source that says “At their High School prom, she kind of ended up in everybody’s rooms!  ” he says. Ahhh! And that’s not all—she apparently knew just how to turn a boring field trip into superfun!

“She was a wannabe, kind of ditsy in her own way,” the classmate goes on. “She just did what she could to fit in. She would just say the most absurd things at the worst possible times.”

Full disclosure: Mr. McSource did some modeling back in high school and Hailey had a crush on him; he did not like her back. Ah, high school, so tragic.

Elsewhere on the Internet, another friendly source talks about Hailey: The College Years.

“Over winter break the first year she lost 20 pounds. When girls on the floor asked for her secret she said two words…’coke diet!'” this friend tells The Superficial. Also, Hailey was a gracious hostess during her sophomore Acapulco spring break trip.

“She spent all week hosting several football players in her room. The room was definitely not the only thing she provided (I heard about definite tag-team action).”

Jon Gosselin rolled into the family homestead a few days ago. Looks like it took a day to get all that Ed Hardy out of his system.

Surprisingly, Kate was able to stand being in the same vicinity as her globe-trotting, stoner-dating soon-to-be-ex-husband. There weren’t even any reports of violence or verbal altercations from the house.

In fact, an eyewitness who actually saw Jon walk past Kate says, “It looks like they were civil towards each other. They stayed with each other and the kids for a little while, and then she packed her luggage in her car and left.”

That’s right! Now it’s Kate’s turn to find a troubled twentysomething lovah and go yacht partying. Divorces are the best. And speaking of young troubled lovahs, we’ve got some more info on the elegant Hailey Glassman.

James Appleton, a spring break party friend from Acapulco, told E! News that Hailey was “always down to have a good time.” Yeah, big surprise.

But it’s not always fun and parties for Hailey, she sometimes focuses on being a celebrity. “Once she puts her mind to something, she’s going to do it,” Appleton says. The pair bonded over their interest in acting, and Glassman told him she wanted to be famous one day.

Well, look at her now, she’s got this hot piece, and we’re actually talking about her. Dream come true.

Also today in official Hailey Glassman news, there are her high school pictures, and she’s bisexual. Party on!

Oh, except that she’s an evil bisexual. Hailey’s old lesbian lover warns, “You are wasting your time with Hailey. She’ll destroy you…She’s toxic.” Bummer.

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Dude!  Who would have thought it!  Smoking weed might give you cancer! 

SAN FRANCISCO – The Ap reports:  It might take Californians a puff or two to get their heads around an apparent contradiction recently enshrined in state law. The same marijuana smoke that doctors can recommend to ease cancer patients‘ suffering must soon come with a warning saying it causes the disease.

State environmental regulators last month voted to place marijuana smoke on its list of hundreds of substances known to cause cancer. The decision could lead to warning signs in medical marijuana dispensaries and labels on packaged pot within a year.

A voter-approved measure made medical marijuana legal in California in 1996. Key backers included patients with serious illnesses such as cancer and AIDS who said pot helped them manage pain and nausea.

This is a real contradiction….  One of the only drugs that they can find that can actually help ease some of the symptoms of Chemotherapy might actually cause you to get the disease that you were taking Chemo for in the first place.

I bed the drug dealers are up in arms…  As for Mexico, next to it’s citizens, marijuana is their number one export!  And  for pot heads, I don’t really think it will make a difference to them.

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Michael Jacson’s drug addiction – IS JANET FOLLOWING IN HER BROTHERS FOOT STEPS?

One of the doctors who has treated Michael Jackson, Dr. Allan Metzger, went on tour with Jackson and even videotaped Jackson’s wedding to Debbie Rowe, mother of two of his alleged children.  He has already been reprimanded once by the Medical Board of California for writing fraudulent prescriptions for Janet Jackson, Michael’s sister.

Dr. Allan Metzger received a public letter of reprimand from the Medical Board in September, 2000. The letter states, “You engaged in fraudulent medical practice based on prescriptions written for an international entertainer, using a false/fictitious name.” Dr. Metzger reported that the entertainer that he wrote the false/fictitious prescriptions for was Janet Jackson.

Michael Jackson reportedly had Lupus and Dr. Metzger is a lupus specialist.  Dr. Metzger also traveled with Michael during the History Tour in 1996.

Dr. Metzger reported that in the late 90s, he wrote prescriptions for Janet Jackson using the name of her private chef, Ricardo Macchi. Dr. Metzger stated that the prescriptions were for diuretics. He also wrote a prescription for a hepatitis B injection.   He states that  he wrote it because Janet was going on tour and wanted to guard against the disease. Again, the name on the prescription was Ricardo Macchi, even though it was for Janet.  Dr. Metzger reportedly said, “I had done this for Janet for her anonymity.”

My question is, neither of these drugs were embarrassing to receive and one was actually for preventative measures.  Good thinking, right?  So why would they have needed to been written for her anonymity?  Not only is it illegal and morally wrong to write a prescription using someone else’s name, it is also illegal to release medical information to others without written consent; according to HIPPA regulations.

Macchi sued Dr. Metzger but the Dr. says the suit was dropped and no money was paid out.

As for Michael, Dr. Metzger says, “I have not treated Michael Jackson for many years.” Metzger says he has talked to Jackson on the phone over the years, even giving him medical advice. As for whether Dr. Metzger prescribed medications for Michael, he wouldn’t say: “I am not at liberty to discuss Michael’s medical care.”  From what I understand, once a patient, in this case Michael Jackson, dies,  the restrictions against discussing their medical care is dissolved. 

He was asked if he ever prescribed medications to Michael using an alias. His response: “I have not treated him for ages.” Metzger said he last spoke with Michael in April. The doctor says he talked to Jackson about the tour, his children, nutrition and hydration.

These were “yes” or “no” questions.  So basically he refused to answer them.  To me, refusal to answer = guilty.

Dr. Metzger added, “I have nothing to do with this tragedy with Michael. I have not prescribed any medication in relation to what happened to him.”

The bigger question at this point I think, is Janet traveling down the same path as her brother Michael?  I am actually a bigger fan of Janet than I am of Michael, although I love them both.  I just hope that she gets help before her life ends as his did.



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Michael Jackson’s Nanny – TELLS ALL


I always felt that there was more to the Michael Jackson saga than was being told.  Aparantly the US media is protecting the “King of Pop’s rep by not telling the whole story.  The United Kingdom, however is a different story.

Michael’s nanny, Grace Rwaramba, has done an interview for NEWS of the WORLD – UK, and she isn’t painting a very pretty picture.

Nannny Rwaramba who worked for Jackson for 17 years was in London when she was informed of his death.  The following are exerpts from her interview.  There will be a link at the end so that you can read the entire interview if you wish. 

She was preparing to board a plane to fly home and comfort the now orphaned kids when she got a call from one of the Jackson family which shocked her.  “The relative said, ‘Grace, you remember Michael used to hide cash at the house? I’m here. Where can it be?’

“I told them to look in the garbage bags and under the carpets. But can you believe that? They just lost Michael a few hours ago and already one of them is calling me to know where the money is!

The Nanny tells how she has had to step in and pump Michael’s stomach many times after he had taken deadly daily drug cocktails, including up to three powerful narcotic pain relievers, including Demerol.

She tells how the 2005 child abuse case left Jackson with so little money he relied entirely on handouts and cas loans from friends.

The King was apparently broke.  She said: “The truth is Michael didn’t have money. One day out of the blue he received some cash but instead of buying a house somewhere so we didn’t have to keep moving from one hotel to another or stay with friends, he told me, ‘Go to Florence and buy antiques.’

She explains how Jackson survived the child abuse case by linking himself to Sheikh Abdullah, son of mega-wealthy King of Bahrain.  Who would put money into her banking account because Jackson was unable to handle money.  And how he and this children were exposed to “The Nation of Islam”.

the Nanny tells how his family took money from her account using her ATM card that was meant for Michael given to him by “The Nation of Islam” and would not stop untill she treatened to notify the IRS. 

She even revealed how they were forced to live in a friends basement because they had no money nor anywhere to live.

To read the entire interview, CLICK HERE !


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Michael Jackson’s LIFE and DEATH following Elvis Presley EXAMPLE

Not since the death of Elvis Presley on August 16, 1977 has a death if a musical legend touched so many people until today.  Michael Jackson was pronounced dead today at age at age 50. 

Like Elvis, ( The King of Rock ) and Michael’s former father-in-law, Michael Jackson, ( The King of Pop ) seems to be following in his famous ex-father-in-law’s footsteps in more ways than one, or even two.  Not only were these the most famous two people that have ever lived but they both, at least for a while, also loved Lisa Marie, Elvis’s daughter.   It seems, however, they  may have one other thing in common.  Long time family friend, Brian Oxman, speculates that the King of Pop’s death may have also have been been drug related as was this ex-father-in-laws. 

The family friend was very adimate during his press release about the Jackson’s drug usage and warnings he had given to the family, describing the people around him as “empowering his addiction”. 

Of course no facts will be known until the results of the autopsy are released.

Ron Weisner, producer of the BET Awards (8 p.m. live ET Sunday), says the show is being overhauled to include an opening tribute to Jackson that will include surprise guests, reports USA TODAY’s Edna Gundersen


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Jon Gosselin – BAM, CAUGHT IN THE ACT !

Jon Gosselin

If you have been following this blog or if I have talked to you in person, then you know that I have always said Jon was HIGH when he is doing the interviews!  For a long time I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, thinking it was just his contacts…  NOT NO MORE!!!!

He probably has  a whole field of hooch growing out in 100 acre woods.  Maybe that why he needed the two German Shepards, to keep away the ATF….

This could be a cigarette, but I don’t think so…


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