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Carrie Prejean keeps her crown!

cjWe live in very uncertain times. People are losing their jobs and the country is split over what is considered torture and what is not. Today, however, there is a little hope. Carrie Prejean, who was asked her opinion on same sex marriage and gave it will get to keep her crown. I know, I know, you are all thinking how can I possibly compare a beauty pageant with torture or people losing their jobs? Well, it all boils down to our right to have freedom of speech. To me the most upsetting aspect of the Carrie Prejean roller-coaster ride is not what she said but rather that she was asked a question, she complied and gave her answer and then was attacked both publicly and verbally by one of the people that were judging the event. To me this was just wrong! The judges should be held to a higher standard. Because the one that attacked Ms. Prejean was gay, the matter was let go. I honestly feel that if it had been any of the other judges that would have attacked her, they would have been seen as unprofessional and chastised for their comments. Carrie Prejean, in the mean time, had to withstand all of the negative publicity while the judge, who’s name, I will not mention but we all know who he is, just became famous. People all over the country who had never heard of him, now all know now who he is. I will not contribute to his fame. But the scandal doesn’t even stop there!

Radar Online said that a short time later, racy photos surfaced. Prejean said the pictures were leaked to humiliate her because of her anti-gay marriage views, calling it a “vicious and mean-spirited” attacks. (Even more photos hit the web before Trump’s press conference Tuesday morning.)

Now, I personally am for same sex marriages. Not because I feel it is right or wrong. I don’t feel that it will impact anyone in a negative manner. People who want to live together are are going to live together so what difference does a piece of paper make? I think that Carrie Prejean probably felt the same way I do when she made her comment I think that the judge, who will remain un-named, tactics may have backfired on him. Now, Prejean has announced that she’ll be launching a campaign opposing gay marriage with the National Organization for Marriage. With her new fame and power the people that oppose same sex marriage has just gotten a powerful Allie.

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