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Amy Winehouse – GETS A DIVORCE

A London judge granted the divorce between the Scamy Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil — it becomes final in just over six weeks if no disputes arise.

Blake — who spent most of the marriage getting it in his behind bars  — filed the divorce papers earlier this year after Wino admitted to cheating.

I hear Tony Romo is single……………………..

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People Magazine is publishing an interview from, none other than Kate Gosselin, in their next issue of People due to be released on June 6, 2009 and I got the scoop…  Well, some of it anyway.  How?  I’m just good that way! 

Kate even admits during the interview that she feels like she has failed and says that Jon has wanted out of their marriage for a long time. 

“He does not want to be married to me anymore.  No questions asked.  He went and hired a lawyer and said you better get one. So i did.  I never would have made that step.   I never would have done it.”  Kate said.

In telling the kids Kate says that she and Jon never used the word divorce or separation.

“I’m not naive.  I know that my kids will come out of this, to a degree with some sort of dysfunction.  I’m not stupid.  This is a situation that absolutely would have happened whether the cameras were here or not.  I don’t want people thinking we traded marriage for fame, Ever.”

In filing their divorce papers the Gosselins reported that they had been living separately for two years.  Some feel that this is an attempt to take advantage in a loop hole in PA divorce laws that says if you have been separated for two or more years you do not have to wait the customary time for the divorce to be final.

So the question is, how much of the television reality show has been real and how much was staged? 

Kate says;  “Somewhere in all of this we will find happiness”.

They told the children the news last week and as I said previously,  they did not use the words separation nor divorce.  One of the older girls, Cara or Maddy, sources did not say which one,  said that they were not surprised by the news and had been expecting it.   The younger children, now 5, are still too young and don’t understand.

Jon and Kate will be taking turns caring for the children in their PA home and will very seldom be together.  I can’t wait to read the whole thing! 



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Jon & Kate – DIVORCING

After watching the most recent two episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8 tonight, I was left huddled and trembling in the corner of my bedroom, feeling alone and violated.  I could faintly hear sirens in the distance as rain fell against the window and the smell of dehydrated milk from TLC’s Cash Cow permeated the air.  Alias, Jon & Kate are no more….

I have speculated all along, as many others have, that there was more going on behind the scenes of TLC’s hit Reality Show “Jon & Kate plus 8″ than any of us knew.  Even if not on a conscious level, everyone was aware of this and is why so many have been so curious about the real story.

Tonight, Kate gave a peak at her softer side.  And as she stated in her interview, a lot of what people have seen in the past has been her ” survival instincts ” being recorded, brought on by the fact that she can not allow herself to fail for the sake of the children.  Jon,  nonchalant as always, until caught with his hand in the cookie jar or some other oraphis, talked about doing what was best for himself and his kids. 

The couple did announce at the end of the show that they were separating…. However, at the very end, an ominous black screen with white lettering appeared amid the darkness of my room that said the couple, Today, Monday, June 22, 2009, had filed for divorce….

My heart truly hurts for this family….


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New Episode, Jon & Kate getting a DIVORCE?


The new season 5 premier of Jon & Kate plus 8, TLC’s hit Television show just ended.  I’m left feeling a little  numb…  There was a lot that was said and a lot more that was not.

Kate’s feeling about Jon was very apparent especially when he first arrived at the sextuplets birthday party.  Although he stood next to her, she refused to speak or even look in his direction.  It was also apparant that Kate was the only one happy to be at the party.   If she was putting on an act, I couldn’t tell but I did notice that other than her I only saw one other adult smile during the whole party.  Speaking of being unhappy.  Maddy hasn’t changed any.  When they were about to have their picture made, Madd got up and stormed off.  So she hasn’t changed.  The camera crew must have been told to stop recording her unacceptable behavior.

At one point, Alexis,  was loving on Jon.  You could tell that she was happy to see him.  Then he asked, “did you miss me”?  Odd? I think not.  Apparently he hasn’t been around.  She said ” I don’t want you to leave any more .”  Jon then tells her, “well sometimes Daddies have to work”.  How very sad.

They both did continue to deny the  accusations of infidelity in their marriage.  However, you could tell throughout the interviews, which were pretty lengthy, that a lot of time and attention went into editing the interviews so they could be aired on TV to make the biggest impact.

Jon & Kate were asked questions about the different aspect of their relationship.  I won’t go through all of the questions, but I’ll give you the rundown on what they said and what I noticed. 

They were both wearing their wedding rings.  If they put them on for the show or not, there is no way to know.  Jon said he would  never do something like cheating on Kate. he says that someday his kids are going to google him. And if he had been unfaithful, he would have to explain his actions…  Jon said he never bought a tabloid magazine until he was in one and that he will never buy another one.  Kate says the rumors about her aren’ttrue either and that she will be darn if people are going to bring her down because of this!  Kate also said that she is doing everything that she is supposed to be doing.   Sorry, I’m not trying to sound mean, and I don’t want to see them get a divorce, but, I thought that she was supposed to be at home helping to raise the kids.  It’s not like they need to money from the book signings and the appearances.   

Jon admits to making some poor decisions.  Kate says that she has noticed over the past 6 months or more that Jon has been becoming resentful of the duties he fulfills at their home.  She admitts that she has been hard on him.  But did she push him to this?  She says she doesn’t think so.  That everyone is accountable for their own actions.  My question is push him to what?  Is that her slip up admitting that Jon has been having an affair?  At one point Kate says, I’m here.  Whenever I’m not on the road working I’m here.  I can only speak for myself.  implying that Jon is out running around with different priorities.  She also continued to spin her wedding rings during most of the interviews.  At one point, Jon said, Kate put the birthday party together by herself.  I was out….  He was still talking and was cut off!  I really am interested in what he said that he was out doing. 

Then later on she tears up while talking about where their relationship is headed.  She says they have seemed to travel in different directions in a very short period of time.  They said they didn’t know what is going to happen next.  Basically they admitted in their undertones that divorce is coming and quick! 

At the end of the show they were shown having a cookout, just the family, on the back patio.  Jon was narrating the segment basically and was saying  how the kids will be OK as long as they know that what ever happens that they are still loved by both of them.  How they are the most important thing in their lives….  yada yada yada.  My eyes started to glaze over right about there, listening to his dribble.  Speaking of glazed over eyes.  Jon has always seemed to look a little high during their interviews.  Tonight he looked really high, with his feet propped up and being layed back.  His eyes were redder and glassier than I have ever seen them.  I used to chalk it up to contacts, but after what all has happened, being  high would not surprise me. 

The summary I took away from the whole show.  Yes, they are going to get a divorce.  They can’t fake it anymore.  He is not living there anymore and hasn’t for a while now.  And he is trying to soothe his own conscious by saying that he will always love them and be there for them.    If they get a divorce, my heart will just break!

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