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Dude!  Who would have thought it!  Smoking weed might give you cancer! 

SAN FRANCISCO – The Ap reports:  It might take Californians a puff or two to get their heads around an apparent contradiction recently enshrined in state law. The same marijuana smoke that doctors can recommend to ease cancer patients‘ suffering must soon come with a warning saying it causes the disease.

State environmental regulators last month voted to place marijuana smoke on its list of hundreds of substances known to cause cancer. The decision could lead to warning signs in medical marijuana dispensaries and labels on packaged pot within a year.

A voter-approved measure made medical marijuana legal in California in 1996. Key backers included patients with serious illnesses such as cancer and AIDS who said pot helped them manage pain and nausea.

This is a real contradiction….  One of the only drugs that they can find that can actually help ease some of the symptoms of Chemotherapy might actually cause you to get the disease that you were taking Chemo for in the first place.

I bed the drug dealers are up in arms…  As for Mexico, next to it’s citizens, marijuana is their number one export!  And  for pot heads, I don’t really think it will make a difference to them.

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