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Photographer gets run over by Brittney Spears !


Ricardo Mendoza fiiled a civil suit Friday against Britney Spears for assault and battery.  Mendoza, a former TMZ photographer, claims that the performer ran over his foot on October 18 2007. 

TMZ, who first reported the supposed assault and battery, auctioned the tire-stained sock off for charity. 

Spears was accused of running over the photographer’s foot a month after the  incident occurred, but prosecutors didn’t press charges, saying it was the photographer’s fault.

The incident was said to have happened during a turbulent time for Spears, who hours earlier had lost custody of her two sons.

I haven’t heared why the TMZ photographer is now a “FORMER” photographer but it sounds to me like he is hurting for money.  Especially since the attorneys have already said that it was his fault and since the incident happened nearly 2 years ago. 

Do these people not have enough sense to move out of the way of a moving car?  Photographers have got to stop thinking that people will not run over them just because they are too ballsie to move…


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