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American Idol and Britian’s Got Talent – SHAM WOW!



People want something to boycott!  I got something for them to Boycott!  Boycott “American Idol” and “Britain’s Got Talent”!  It is so obvious that both of these shows are a SHAM!  They are obviously trying to “SHAKE THINGS UP” by making the runner ups the winners!

Adam Lambert was the clear winner of American Idol.  The public was so upset that they first tried to blame the fixed voting on Arkansas.  When that didn’t work they decided to pin it on AT&T, saying they gave free tutorials and free texting to people who wouldn’t vote for the other guy.  What was his name?

Now they have given the ole shaft to Susan Boyle!  I hope that people get as upset over Susan’s defeat as they did Adam Lambert’s.  I wonder what their excuse is going to be this time?  Maybe Saturn was out of alignment with Simon’s Uranus…

The winner should not be judged on scores for one performance any more than Mss. America is judged soley off of the swimsuit competition.  Adam clearly won every performance as did Susan Boyle.  These people should have won the competitions!

The whole world knows who Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle are.  Even people who are not fans and don’t watch the show know who these two talented performers names.  I guarantee you they couldn’t tell you who won.  Before long the names of the “fake” winners will be fogotten  but Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle’s names will live on!

And I bet you that Simon is the one behind it all!

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Susan Boyle Finished Second

susan-boyle-simon-bAll of the hype about Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent, and she comes in second!  Sound familiar?  Hint?  Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert.  With all of the recent press concerning Ms. Boyle, maybe this was for the best.  It’s not everyday that a regular, unknown person can be thrust into the limelight without some kind of negative reactions.  It might just be a little too much for Susan to handle.   She lost her cool and actually used the world wide “F” word, not once but twice when confronted by two reporters within the past week.  The police were actually called during the disturbance, so it must have been just a tad vocal and disrupting.  Rumours were circulating that Susan had was ready to pack up and exit  Britain’s Got Talent, the pressure was getting to be too much for her to handle  It has to be difficult for someone such as Boyle to be surrounded by the paparazzi and subjected to some of the rude questions that arise.   

After the winner was announced, reports are stating that Susan actually looked “relieved” when her name was called as the runner-up.  She congratulated the dance troupe, Diversity, curtsied several times and gave her special “shimmy before she left the stage.   I do give Simon Cowell kudos for his remark to Susan –  “Win or lose, you had the guts to come back here tonight, face your critics, and you beat them. You can walk away from this with your head held high Susan. I absolutely adore you.” Regardless of a first or second place finish, I ‘m sure Susan will be able to find her niche, one where she is the most comfortable, and can share her voice with the world.


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