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Oooh Paris! Such a good girl, Yes her is…


What the heck is up with Paris Hilton?  We all know how she loves to attract attention to herself!  However when contacted by the MTV’s awards producer, Mark Burness, and asked to participate in their little stunt for the upcoming awards show, she gave them a big NO YOU DIUNT! 

By now, we have all seen, Sacha Baron Cohen flying across the MTV Awards Ceremony and plopping his scrotum on the chin, of none other than Eminem!  Apparently when rehearsing the stunt Socha was clothed!  Eminen didn’t know that the Anal Angel would be wearing a jock strap!

After the ballsy stunt, the Eminem Minis Aka Eminems body guards, promptly removed the Fallen Angel from their employers face and escorted the shocked rapper from the building. 

After the “Real Story” came out and it was admitted that the whole testacular event was staged, we also discovered that Paris Hilton was the first chin of choice.  I wonder why she said no?  We all know that she normally doesn’t mind having a crotchety critter suspended in front of her face.


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