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I hope that everyone is ready for he next installment of the Groovy free lovin Gosselins…  The season premier was reported to have had over 9.3 million suckers viewers.  Since then, from what I’ve heard, their viewership has sucked dropped dramatically! 

And what happens when a previously high profile television show starts sucking reaching its end?  You got it!  They have guest stars!  This week it is going to be Emeril! 

If they were going to have a food person on the show they could at least have a real star like hot ass Bobby Flay.   I guess he is too busy traveling the South showing us southerners how to make Bar-B-Q ribs!   I’d like to work him like a Bar-B-Q rib!  Just in case you don’t watch “The Food Network” of which I am a huge fan, that was what his show was about last night.

I’m glad my husband doesn’t read this site!   

Hell, I forgot all about the Gosselins for a minute, sorry…. 

Anyway, They are apparently going to start the whole “Guest Star” thing as they usually do when a show starts to sucknear its end.  I, Margie Weatherbe, have personally contacted the assholes TLC and suggested that they have “The Super Nanny” on the show and have Kate appear on “Wife Swap”.  All I got in response was a standardized kiss my ass form letter from them… 

I think that everyone needs to email TLC and tell them the same!  I would really really love to see, as I’m sure you would,  Kate and Jon interact with “The Super Nanny and Kate be on “Wife Swap” where I’m sure she would have the husband cowering in the corner before the end of the show!   What a night of entertainment that would be……….


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