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Farrah Fawcett – A Final Message


Farrah Fawcett is near the end of her life after suffering from anal cancer that has metastasized throughout her body. Well known as one of the most popular pin up girls of all time, Farrah has decided to share in her battle with cancer and the paparazzi. Her rights have been violated, her medical records breached, and rumours of her being near death have been publicized since December of 2006.  She prerecorded an interview with Today show that is currently getting ready to air. 

Having suffered from cancer myself, I cannot imagine the hell that Farrah has gone through with the paparazzi…..  Believe me, when you are going through chemo the last thing that you feel is “glamourous.”  Even the remark that Ryan made saying “yes, she has lost her beautiful locks of hair”, is telling in itself.  What in the hell do people expect?  I could just imagine the paparazzi trying to get close enough for a picuture, or even more realistic, paying for a pic of Farrah as she lay dying.  I’m sure that would sell in the tabloids.

Ryan O’Neal was quoted as saying “In the last two years, I loved her more than I’ve ever loved her – ever,” he said. “She’s so much more of a woman and powerful, courageous, fearless, all those adjectives. I look at her with awe.”

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