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Adam Lambert Out and About

cvr_rsFinally, Adam Lambert has said it himself  “I am gay.”  Wow, big shock to most of us!  What’s next? The world is round!

Adam has admitted that coming out on American Idol would have  been so sensational “that it would overshadow what I was there to do, which was sing.”  He further states “I’ve been living in Los Angeles for eight years as a gay man.  I embrace it.  It’s just another part of me”

All is fine and dandy, I just don’t know if  “not” coming out on American Idol was they way to “not” sensationalize his persona.  I personally wonder if American Idol has something written in their contract with these performers to keep as low a profile as possible.  There is a morals clause that each contestant has to sign, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is also a clause regarding platforms for morality.  And believe me, there are still many people in this world who would consider being gay as being immoral. 

But Adam, dear Adam, why did you go public with the whole  crush on Kris Allen!  “Oh shit, they put me with the cute guy,” Lambert is quoted as saying.  “Distracting! He’s the one guy that I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type – except that he has a wife.  I mean, he’s open-minded and liberal, but he’s definitely 100 percent straight.  Now, all of the homophobes will be screaming “watch your men, ladies, the gays will be trying to convert them.”   

Unfortunately for us Adam Lambert fans, the “gay” guy comment will follow Adam for quite some time.  You now, the American Idol runner-up, no not Clay Aikens, the one who was gay on the show.  I hope that Adam Lambert can follow in Daughtery’s footsteps and become a shining star without him being linked forever to American Idols gay contestant.  If anything hopefully Adam opened some doors for future gay contestants in any show to embrace who they are with open arms.

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