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cc9a5df0bbb6a87086cee7cd9d9013ffHi everyone, Margie and I are in this together, she just happens to have her act together a little before me.  My name is Cindy Reed aka Cinoda and like a lot of you, blogging has become one of my social pastimes that I love to do.  I always thought that blogging was really “stupid”, like get a life…….Sorry for the prejudgement.  We are attempting to have a nonsense blog, one where spelling errors are acceptable, and different opinions will be welcomed!!    You will probably hear me talking about my child,dog on occasion.  I have her included in my gravitar.  She is a Newfoundland and weighs 140 lbs.  Her name is Halt,  but like me has an alias, Hallie, or Hallie Ann when she is in deep doggie doo doo.  Looking forward to chatting with you all soon!!!


  1. Are you aware your domain name is misspelled?

    Comment by Andrew Christensen | July 6, 2009 | Reply

    • Andrew, If you mean the lack of the (‘) between the N and the S in the word WOMENS, yes I am.

      My name is Margie and I named the site. The name WOMEN’S THOUGHTS had already been taken. I thought that by leaving the (‘) out would make the name unique and therefore give it a higher ranking when put into a search engine.

      My logic, however, was flawed. The word WOMEN’s is spelled WOMENS several times on the internet in different domains.

      Thanks thought for trying to bring it to our attention.

      Comment by margieweatherbes | July 7, 2009 | Reply

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