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What is the connection between drug abuse and swimmers. Michael Phelps was videoed smoking pot, now U.S. swimmer Ricky Berens has been caught with crack!

Ricky Berens Swimmer

Ricky Berenes felt the need to split after he cracked under pressure at the World Swimming Championships in Rome.

The easy breezy swimmer ripped one as he did a pre-swim stretch…

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Michael Vick – Are You Ready for Some Football?

Michael Vick was released from his home confinement today to finish his 23-month sentence for dog fighting.  His crimes were horrible and his penalty was stiff – two years of his life and an estimate of over 70 million dollars in deals and endorsements.

Three questions remain.   The first question.  Will Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner allow Vick to play football again?  Yes. 

The second question.  Which team will put up with the trouble of picking him up?  Hmm….much harder to answer.

The third question.  Can Michael Vick shed his murderous image?  Maybe. 

He will have to prove that he is completely rehabilitated in every single way possible.  Not only is he going to have to prove that he no longer regards dog killing as  humane treatment, he is going to have to prove that he is a completely changed man.  No more parties, no more pot, no more smart ass comments and rants and raves.

I don’t want to hear him spouting that he has found God.  What I am saying is that he has to prove himself beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a new man.  A man who abhors violence of any kind.  A man who gives his time and money to those less fortunate than him.  A man who is willing to get onto his knees and ask forgiveness from not only every football fan, but every person who he has angered with his past choices.  Words are not going to do it.  Having PETA endorse him is not going to do it.  Only actions over time will prove that he is completely a new man.

Then and only then will Michael Vick ever become human in many of our eyes.  Can a man like Vick truly change like that?  Is he totally reformed?

I predict that the Miami Dolphins will give him a shot to prove it…I just wonder if he can change?…and I just wonder if he did change?

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Nashville police now saying that they think the gun recovered at the scene of Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi‘s shooting death belonged to Sahel.

Police spokesmen Don Aaron said, “We believe the pistol recovered from the apartment was purchased by Kazemi.”

McNair was found shot four times, twice in the head and twice in the body.   Kazemi suffered a single gunshot to the head. Cops were told Kazemi and McNair “had been in a dating relationship,” even though McNair was married.

The gun in question was found under Kazemi’s body.  The police are thinking murder-suicide is a possibility, but nothing is official yet.

– Kazemi was pulled over for DUI Thursday morning between 1-1:30 AM. McNair was a passenger but was allowed to leave the scene via taxi with another person. Kazemi admitted to being high.

-Thursday night, Kazemi purchased a semi-automatic pistol. Police will not say who she got the gun from.

– Early Saturday morning, McNair meets Kazemi at his Nashville condo.

– 1:30 PM Saturday, 911 call is made alerting police of the shootings. Police believe bodies were actually discovered before 1 PM — cops are “concerned” about the time lapse.

Cops are still waiting for ballistics tests and gunshot residue reports to classify Kazemi’s death.


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If you hav a heart condition, don’t go any farther!

Lets see,  we have had a Flirtatios Fireman, a Boodylicious Babe, what can we have next… Oh, I know,



I have to change the name of these posts…   My friend Monkey Sue, Aka Monica says: we should call it ” Cocktails ” and you can keep the tails!

MooMoo Buckaroo!


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Michael Vick Perfect for Miami Dolphins?

helmet14Welcome to Pigskin Paula’s Picks…For you football fans out there, Pigskin Paula is a sports nut from the word go.  I don’t care if it’s watching football, baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing all except maybe golf.  Paula insists that golf is not a real sport…it’s a talent.  There is nothing athletic about it at all much like pool, darting and bowling.  Come on they don’t even carry their own bags and they need their caddy to tell them what club to use.  Quiet Please…..

I’ve asked Paula repeatedly what she thinks will happen to Michael Vick, will any team take the chance on him?  At first she wasn’t sure if any team would tarnish their reputation and take all of the BS that will surely follow… the picketing… the bad press.  But we all know that as the football season gets closer, the teams get more desperate for any type of player that has a pit bull mentality.

So far the San Fransico 49’ers, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, and of course the Atlanta Falcons have openly stated that they will not in any way consider Michael Vick as an option.  Only the United Football League has a standing offer for Vick, but Vick has made it known that he is not interested in the UFL.  Being a little choosy is he?

The was a lot of speculation that the New England Patriots would be a perfect fit for Vick.  The top 3 reasons against this match are the salary cap, the fit of Vick as their quaterback, and they don’t run the wildcat offense. 

If Vick were to get picked up anywhere, Paula’s Pigskin Prediction is the Miami Dolphins.  First of all, Miami would be able to get him dirt cheap.  Right now his contract with Atlanta is 9 million, but no one is going to trade for him.  Next he will become a free agent and the highest bidder will win.  Vick has got to realize ego and all, that anyone bidding on him would be a prayer answered.  If he wants to play in the NFL, he will at any price.  Second, the Dolphins already run the wildcat offense.  As long as Chad Pennington stays healthy, Vick wouldn’t be playing much at all, but in case of injury, Vick would or should be able to pick right up and play.  The last reason is…Miami is close enough to Atlanta where Vick still might have a fan base and Bill Parcels won’t put up with any crap from Vick.  One wrong move and he’s gone. 

Let’s see how Pigskin Paula’s first prediction of the season plays out.  We should know something within a month or so.

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