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OOhh Aaahh Yess baby Yesssss..

OOhh Aaahh Yess baby Yesssss..


A 15-year-old girl thought she heard the sounds of her mother being assaulted by her boyfriend.  So she rounded up some friends to go beat  him up.   They  learned  later that the couple actually were having sex.

The girl misinterpreted the woman’s screams of pleasure, and she and four other teens went to the woman’s bedroom in the home.   One of the teens beat the 27-year-old man with a bat and others punched him, police said. He suffered a black eye and  bruises.

The girl, two 16-year-old boys and another boy, 18, were arrested Wednesday night and were arraigned in Court on Thursday. The daughter was charged with assault and conspiracy. the teens face similar counts. The fifth teenager was not charged.

A judge sealed the police report. The names of the girl and the two boys were not released because of their ages.

The 35-year-old woman, reported on Thursday that the girl is her daughter. She denied she was screaming, and said her daughter thought she heard a slap and believed an assault was happening.

“Instead of asking what was going on, they assumed and took matters into their own hands,” The Mother said. “Now they have to learn a lesson.”

The teens knocked on the bedroom door and the boyfriend opened it, according to the couple, who recently broke up.
The teens rushed into the room and the man, said he didn’t have a chance to explain himself. He said he tried to get away, but the teens chased him down and started beating him in the house.

He said he knelt down over a chair and tried to protect his face, but got hit in the eye and in the back. He said Arnold covered his back to try to protect him, but the teen with the bat started hitting him in the legs. Then the youths left.

The boyfriend says, “What if they fight someone else and those guys don’t walk away? What if they kill somebody?” he said. “Then they’re going to spend the rest of their lives in jail. These kids need to learn, go through the court system and see if you do something to somebody, you see what happens.”

What a DICK!  pun not intended.



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Aaden Gosselin – UPDATE

As reported earlier, Aaden was taken to the medical clinic by Jon after having receiving a booboo on his noggin!

It has now been reported that the injury happened while running around the house.  The rambunctious youngster allegedly ran into a corner….


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Kate Gosselin – BEATING HER KIDS !


Kate Gosselin, Star of the hit TV Reality Series ” Jon & Kate Plus 8 has turned from (  TIME OUTS ) to ( TEARING THEM UP )!  This sounds like a future ” HIT MOVIE” …  Oh yea, they’ve already done that one, ( MOMMY DEAREST ).  Does anyone have a spare wire hanger?


The following article appeard in In Touch Magazine.  As usual they don’t tell the whole story, so I’ll help.

Reality show star Kate Gosselin, already under her body guard investigation by Pennsylvania’s Labor Department for possibly breaking child labor laws, is defending herself over new magazine photos that show her presumably whooping the ass of spanking one of the sextuplets and talking to the fuzz a police officer.

 According to the latest issue of Out of Touch In Touch Weekly, which published the photo, the bitch embattled mother of TLC?s Dried up Cash Cow Jon & Kate Plus 8, got caughtlost her temper with Leah, one of the sextuplets, after the five year old wouldn’t stop blowing a that damn whistle while Gosselin was on the phone with OnLine Booty Collapse

The magazine quoted a witness saying Gosselin grabbed Leah and hit her, after telling Leah twice to stop that shit I’m on the phone with your new Daddy. “The girl was screaming and crying,” the witness said. “Kate just kicked pushed her away and staggered walked off with her bottle coffee. Her older sisters were trying to make Leah feel devoid of all hope better.”


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Miley, Oh Miley, A Hole in Your Nose?

mileycyrusnoseTeen sensation Miley Cyrus, 16,  has shattered her clean-cut image by having her nose pierced.

Miley, Oh Miley, what have you done?  I know that this is a popular place to pierce and have seen girls and women of all ages with the dreaded stud. But I hope it ends here.   I just don’t understand how anyone would want an earring in their nose.  More disgusting to me, is that the back of it is in your nostril, on the inside, with the boogers and all….Eww……

Yeah, I know we have to pick our battles with our teenagers, heck, my parents had a fit over ‘hip-huggers” and the frayed bottoms of  bell bottom jeans.  My oldest son still has hair down to his shoulders and my youngest sported a mohawk for many years as a teenager and has a tattoo of a dragon on his upper arm.  But a stud in your nostril…Eww……

Billy Ray Cyrus told talk show host Larry King, “I thought kind of it was one of those bizarre moments. But honestly, my life and what we’re going through and the things that we’ve been through, it’s like being in The Twilight Zone. So I just kind of roll with the punches.”

That’s being a good Dad  Billy Ray, Pick your battles, a hole in her nose can always grow in.

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PLANNED PARENTHOOD – African American abortions in America

We all know that Abortion is a very controversial topic.  But what if you throw African Americans into the already heated debate?

Bill O’Reilly interviews Laura Ingram who is upset over, but still defends Planned Parenthood.  This organization receives over 300 million dollars a year in government funding which is supposed to be used for educational purposes.  They do still, however, make profits from performing abortions. 

Laura makes a statement that she believes that a group of Pro-life advocates were responsible for what you are about to read but they were not.  A group of UCLA students doing a study concerning abortion has called several abortion clinics to ask one astounding question?  If I make a donation, can I request that it be used to abort a child of a minority group, specifically an ( African American Baby ) ?  The answer?:  YES…  In many cases, the person on the phone actually sounds enthusiastic about answering the racially charged question. 

The UCLA students continued by making more racially charged statements such as, “I feel that the world is better off with fewer black  babys”.  The abortion clinics response? “Understandable, Understandable..” 

Laura Ingram continues the interview by pointing out that 1/3 of all abortions in America are to African American women.  These numbers seem high enough but when you consider that African Americans make up only 12% of the total population the true scope of this issue is revealed.  Many people in the black community are very upset over these figures and understandably so. 

The calls and studies done by the UCLA students were put onto You Tube and was then censored and removed one at a time.  The students contacted You Tube and their response was, they would look into it.  The President of Google, from what I understand also got involved as did the New York Times.

There is also video on You Tube of a student explaining what they have gone thru in an  attempt to get the videos returned. 

Here is the video of the Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Laura Ingram.


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Kerri Walsh Welcomes a Son

kerri_walshKerry Walsh, one of the best volleyball players in the world gave birth to a son Friday night.  Kerry along with her husband, Casey Jennings, welcomed Joseph Michael Jennings at 8:57 PM in Los Angles.  Joseph come into this world at a weight of 8 lbs 10 oz, whoa, now that’s some volleyball.  Believe me, my oldest son was 8″ 6 oz and it felt like I was giving birth to a football!

 Kerry along with Misty May-Treanor won the Olympic gold in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics.  Both women went on record stating that after the Olympics they wanted to take time out to start a family.  Well, Kerry was definitely serious about that, she believes that she conceived while in Beijing.  How neat is that?



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How Old is Too Old for Pregnancy?

I don’t know about any of you guys out there, but I think this is a little too old.  I’m a 50 year old women and could never see myself in this situation.   I just ran across this news clip and thought I would share it with you.  I need to think a bit, to organize my thoughts about this entire situation before I comment further.  So for your viewing pleasure here is the link to the video, and I will be back in a few hours and maybe we can intelligently discuss this.   p://


 Monday 5:00PM  Whew, Home for the day…..Recapping the video: A 66 year old successful career women is about to become a first-mom. Elizabeth Adeney who is 8 months pregnant via in vitro fertilization, will be one of the oldest first time moms in the world.  Just think when Elizabeth is 81 years old her child will only be a teenager at the age of 15.  Elizabeth claims that she is young and fit and she feels like she is 39 years old.  But Elizaebeth, guess what you aren’t!  She reportedly said that to be a mother, all that matters is how old you feel on the inside. Heck, some days I feel 89 on the inside, wonder what that could mean? Adeney who lives near Lidgate, Suffolk in southeastern England flew to Ukraine to under go the treatments. Like the United States, most IVF clinics in Britian don’t offer treatment to women older that 50. (I wonder why that would be?)
Dr. Jamie Grifo at the New York University Fertility Center has commented that “pregnancy has risks associated with it at any age-the older the woman, the greater the risks.”  Dr. Grifo further states that all of the risks are “very treatable”, as long as an older woman has a healthy heart. To quote Dr. Grifo: “Older women who get pregnant could have trouble with “high blood pressure, which can complicate placental development. They can develop diabetes in pregnancy, which has to be monitored. Preterm labor is an issue in the older patient and of course, Caesarian delivery and the associated surgical risks.”  Well, heck the same can be said for every women!

In 2004 New Yorker Aleta St. James became the oldest American woman to give birth when she had twins. She was almost 57.  In 2005, a 66 year-old Romanian woman became the world’s oldest mom. In 2006, Carmela Bousada of Spain, who was nearly 67, took the title. Then finally in 2008, Omkari Panwar from India stole her crown. Desperate for a male heir, she underwent IVF at age 70. She got her wish when she gave birth to twins, one of them a boy.

According to Dr. Grifo, “There haven’t been that many women over the age of 50 who have attempted pregnancy and now that the technology exists more are doing so.”  “We don’t tell a 14-year-old unmarried woman she’s not allowed to have a child. Why should we tell a 66-year-old woman who is healthy and wants to have a baby that she can’t. Who’s to say?”

 Some of my questions back to Dr. Grifo would be”  Do you perform IVF on 14 year old girls? Sure no one tells a 14 year old that she’s not allowed to have a child, but does anybody suggest that she does?  Of course not….Sounds like Dr. Grifo is endorsing IVF, not common sense.

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Do Fertalized Eggs Have Rights?

babyThere is not another nation that takes more pride in the fact that it is made up of individuals than United States of America.  It is, after all, our core belief.  One Nation Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.  We have the right to life, love and the pursuit of happiness.  We have the right to bear arms, speak freely,  have children and to abort a birth of a child if we choose to.  Pro-life advocates picket abortion clinics and speak aggressively against abortion saying that life begins at conception. 

In a nation where people cherish the rights of the individual above all else, and pro-life advocates feel so strongly that life begins at conception, why do we not hear more about the destruction of fertilized eggs at fertility clinics?  The eggs have been fertilized so conception has occurred? 

The Boston Globe reported that this last May, to protest a bill on embryonic stem cell research, President Bush surrounded himself with 21 babies, each of whom had been born to parents through the donation of a frozen embryo. There is ”no such thing as a spare embryo,” President Bush suggested that surplus embryos should be ”adopted” and used to produce children, not stem cell research.

The Bush administration nor many of the news reports on the subject failed to explain: There is no such thing as ”embryo adoption.” It isn’t adoption, and it isn’t legal (except in Louisiana, where the constitutionality of a law declaring embryos to be ”juridical persons” with virtually the same rights as born infants is sure to be challenged). In fact couples with ”spare” or unused frozen embryos have had the option of donating them to other infertile recipients for decades. 

The number of embryos available for donation is less than the estimated 400,000 quoted. That estimate includes all frozen embryos. But according to a 2003 study, approximately 88 percent of those frozen embryos are still under the active control of the patients who created them and are still trying to create a family with them. Of the remaining embryos, only about 2 percent of patients were found to actually choose to donate their embryos to another family for procreation — likely, at least in part, from discomfort over donating their born child’s potential genetic sibling. In my own practice and those of many of my colleagues, almost 75 percent of patients who seriously consider donation ultimately decide not to donate to another family. Many of those patients choose to donate for research.

From a strictly legal perspective, no matter how warm and fuzzy it may sound, adoption is simply an ill-fitting analogy for the transfer of genetic material in the form of embryos, eggs, or sperm. An embryo does not have legal parents, and it is not adoptable — a distinction anti-choice proponents (and those who want their votes) choose to overlook. In virtually every state, adoption is a judicial proceeding involving the placement of a live child in need of a home, pursuant to laws and procedures designed to scrupulously and primarily protect the child’s best interests while transferring parental rights and responsibilities for that child.

In June, the newly formed National Association for the Advancement of Preborn Children, or NAAPC), sued to stop stem cell research in California on behalf of ”preborn” children claiming violations of their constitutional and civil rights.

Some have changed the vocabulary to blur the distinction between four- to eight-cell embryos and born children — by using terms like ”embryo adoption,” ”preborn children,” or ”microscopic Americans”

So, why don’t hear more about this subject in the media?  Why don’t we see Pro-life supporters picketing in front of fertility clinics?  Is it because these sites have a reputation of creating life?  The bigger question is: Is the one or two lives created by the fertilization of many eggs worth the distruction of those that are not used?

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